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  • 1. Exploring DigitalTechnologiesThe danger is that teachers use digital technologies in isolation,avoid this, its a waste of time.

2. Persuasive Writing A Year 4/5/6 class have been focused on writing and presenting a persuasive argument.The children have been using a PowerPoint presentation on persuasive strategies and an online interactive persuasion map to enhance their persuasive writing and create a more convincing argument. The children posted their argument on their individual blogs and created a poll whereby other students in the class could vote for or against their arguments.To create a more effective means of looking at their peers blogs and voting the children then created hyperlinks on their blogs. Here is an example of John Bosco's Blog (Year 6 student) 3. Persuasive Strategies Copyright 2006 IRA/NCTE. All rights reserved.ReadWriteThink.org materials may be reproduced for educational purposes.Images 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. 4. W.A.L.T; write an argument using the correct structure and persuasive strategies. Children should have to wear school uniform.I agree that you have to wear school uniform, because there will be school time and you dont want to go in looking like an unrespectable person.The thing about this is that they could wear their school uniform and represent their school, like St Therese, dominion, and all sorts of other schools. They can put their mufti clothes on at home. You might get teased and you dont want to be teased do you? Believe me one day I saw a person get bullied at my old school and they felt ashamed.There is a problem; because people need to wear their school uniforms and they would be fantastic and handsome in their school clothes.Act now! Tell your children to wear their school clothes then they will know they wont get bulliedAnd they will feel proud. 5. I-Lit Project 6. Avatars Eva Visits the Pet Shop 7. Using Google really well.... ImagesSketchUp YouTube DocsMapsWonder Wheel 8. 3D Spaces 9. Exploring DigitalTechnologiesSue Westsue@globo.co.nzwww.globo.co.nz