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Short presentation exploring ideas about digital literacy, including resources for further study

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  • 1.Image CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Frederic Poirot EXPLORING DIGITAL IDENTITYCatherine Cronin @catherinecronin #cel263 #NUIGalway 07/12/12

2. I dont thinkeducation is aboutcentralized instructionanymore; rather,it is the process [of]establishing oneselfas a node in a broadnetwork of distributedcreativity. Joichi Ito (2011) @Joi Image: CC BY-NC- 3. NETWORKED PUBLICSspace constructed the imagined collective throughwhich emergesnetworked technologies(people + tech + practice) danah boyd @zephoria Image: CC BY-NC 2.0 Roo Reynolds 4. Educators need to pay attention tosocial networking sites as important forthe social construction of identity,including personal, social, and learneridentity.Keri Facer & Neil Selwyn (2010)Rethinking Learning for a Digital Age 5. digital identity= who you are online by aboutyouyou 6. what is the GAP between ouronline & offline selves?Image CC BY-NC 2.0 tanakawho 7. Image CC BY-NC-ND Will Foster 8. digital dualismphysical worlddigital world REAL VIRTUAL 9. Christian Payne @documentally Images CC BY-NC-SA Documentally on Flickr 10. Identity construction involvesidentity play! Image CC BY-NC 2.0 maria clara de melo 11. ...our reality is both technological and organic,both digital and physical, all at once. We are notcrossing in and out of separate digital andphysical realities, a la The Matrix, but instead livein one reality, one that is augmented by atomsand bits.Nathan Jurgenson (2011) @nathanjurgenson Digital Dualism versus Augmented Reality 12. It is wrong to say IRL to mean offline:Facebook is real life. Nathan Jurgenson (2012) The IRL Fetish 13. Image CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Scott Wolf 46137@marloft @pamelaaobrien @catherinecronin @saorog @gravesle 14. Image: corners311 15. privacyCC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Frank 16. Understanding and Managing Identity Online real name any name photo photo/avatar ONE identityunlimited Ids identity-basedinterest-driven 17. Its not who you share with,but who you share as. Chris Poole @moot (2011) High Order BitImage CC BY-NC 2.0 redmaxwell 18. digital identity privacy authenticity 19. Learners need to practice and experiment withdifferent ways of enacting their identities, andadopt subject positions through different socialtechnologies and media.These opportunities can only be supported byacademic staff who are themselves engagedin digital practices and questioning their ownrelationship with knowledge. - Keri Facer & Neil Selwyn (2010) Rethinking Learning for a Digital Age 20. Thank you!@catherinecronincatherine.cronin@nuigalway.ie www.slideshare.net/cicronin 21. Digital Identity resourcesExploring digital identity with our students (2012) by Catherine Cronin(@catherinecronin)Social network sites as networked publics (2010) by danah boyd (@zephoria)Digital identities: Six key selves of networked publics (2012) by Bonnie Stewart(@bonstewart)Digital dualism and the fallacy of web objectivity (2012) by Nathan Jurgenson(@nathanjurgenson)You are not your name and photo: A call to reimagine identity (2011), Wiredarticle by Tim Carmody (@tcarmody)The case for anonymity online (2010) TED Talk by Christopher moot Poole(@moot)We, our digital selves, and us YouTube video (2012) by Alan Levine(@cogdog)Social Media Literacies syllabus (2012) by Howard Rheingold (@hrheingold)