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In Sylvia Browne's newest book, Exploring The Levels of Creation, she tells readers what she has learned from her spirit guide about the seven levels of the Underworld, the seven levels of existence, the seven levels of the Other Side and more.

Transcript of Explore The Levels of Creation

I just finished reading Sylvia Brownes new book Exploring the Levels of Creation and Ive learned a lot from it. While I always knew there were other dimensions, I did not know what each of them was for or what (or whom) resided in each one. Sylvia explains that there are seven levels on the other side as well as what she calls the Underworld. Here is a very brief rundown: The Underworld First level: fairies, nymphs, sprites and devas Second level: gnomes and elves Third level: giants and dragons Fourth level: unicorns and flying horses Fifth level: centaurs, Cyclopes, goblins and sorcerers Sixth level: a mind dump area for anything we call monsters, such as the socalled devil, bogeyman or other bizarre creatures Seventh level: a mind dump area for the worst things you could ever think about. Sylvia says she has learned about all these levels from her spirit guide Francine. Before you think shes lost it, you must realize that we as human beings with the ability to create have actually made all of the above with our thoughts. The keeper of this realm is Lilith, a very powerful queen of the fairies, who is a loving soul in direct contact with Azna or Mother God. Lilith is also available to help humans, who are having trouble with children or animals. The creatures in the first four levels can appear in our world upon occasion, particularly for the amusement of children, but those in the levels below that are not allowed to come through for obvious reasons. The Other Side First level: a way station for incoming and outgoing souls. Some are coming in from a life on earth while others are leaving home to experience life on earth. There are also those souls who cannot go home, because they are dark entities. They will spend a short time here and then reincarnate again. Second level: This is where orientation takes place for the soul arriving home. It is here that you will meet all of your loved ones and pets, and it will be like a big party to celebrate the fact that you got through life on earth, which she calls the worst place to go, because there is so much negativity and evil here. She says any soul who chooses to go to earth is very brave. While it is the worst place to go, it is also the best place to go to learn more lessons a lot faster. So pat yourself on the back for even being here in the first place. You made a brave decision. Third level: animal husbandry and horticulture. This is where animals and nature reside, so those who choose to stay here will enjoy working, studying and learning more about these things. Those who stay here also tend to and take care of the plants and animals.

Fourth level: artistic and aesthetic pursuits. This is where the creative types go to do everything from painting and sculpture to woodworking, singing, playing musical instruments and writing. (Somehow, I just know Im going to end up here!) Fifth level: researchers, scientists, mission-life entities and mystical travelers. This is where scientists work on new discoveries. When they come up with a cure for something, they try to send that information to our scientists here on earth to help us. Mission-life entities are few in number, but are those who are trying to bring Mother God more into our consciousness. You recognize these souls by their search for spirituality and not following the norm so to speak. Mystical travelers are those like Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and so on. You recognize these types by the fact that they spend their lives traveling, helping others, speaking and writing. They also leave a huge impression on our world. Level six: teachers and lecturers, counselors. These souls share their lessons with others from every level of the Other Side. They also help those coming in and out of incarnations, with the counselors taking on the hardest cases. Level seven: the Godhead. This is where souls go who want to meld back into the consciousness of God. Few souls actually chose to go here, as theyd rather continue either experiencing for God and/or learn new things. There is much more to Sylvia Brownes book, as she also talks about the seven levels of life on earth, from birth to old age, as well as the 12 levels of the soul, white, dark and gray entities, and religion versus spirituality. She has really jam packed a lot of information into this book and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to further his or her knowledge in this area.