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Effects/Experiments With Pyramid/Orgone EnergyThe following information is partly from my experiments, and what I have read from The Pyramid Energy Hand Book By Serge V. King, Ph.D, which is no longer in print. My personal experiments are documented else-where. This information should be correct, as the book was very good about keeping the facts straight. All of my experiments thus far remain consistent with the book's claims, so it should be safe to say the rest is correct. First of all here are some of the things a pyramid is suppose to do: - Sharpen razor blades - Restore the lustre to tarnished jewellery and coins - Purify water - Mummify and dehydrate meat, eggs and other food stuffs - Help keep milk fresh and prevent souring without refrigeration - Dehydrate flowers without losing their form or colour - Increase the growth rate of plants - Help attain increased relaxation - Improves the taste of coffee, wine and certain fruit juices - Promotes healing of cuts, bruises and burns, as well as reduces pain from toothaches and headaches. There are several important things to keep in mind when experimenting with Pyramids. First, the object you are treating should NOT exceed 5% of the pyramid's volume. Other-wise the energy is spread to thin, and not much happens. The exception is when sitting or sleeping under a pyramid. For this, a pyramid with a 6 ft base (or larger) works good. Second, and this is really critical, the pyramid MUST be aligned to magnetic north to work! The energy is very weak when it is out of alignment, so you want to get it aligned as good as possible. It will still work if it is a little out. Also if you are using it to boost your plant's growth you do need to be careful. Just as too much fertilizer is bad for plants, too much orgone is too. Some plants don't mind it, but others can't take a lot. If a plant is getting too much it will start to wilt. There are several ways to regulate the energy. The best way to prevent over-dose on plants is to treat water with Pyramids and water them with the pyramid water. You can't over dose them doing that. Humans can over-dose too. If you have been under a pyramid too long you can start to get a head-ache, if you still stay it becomes nausea and light headed. If you still refuse to leave, it will pass and one feels quite good. So there don't seem to be any damaging effects (you fingers don't shrivel up!), but I wouldn't recommend staying under to long if it causes discomfort.

Experiments with PyramidsWater Alteration Water is not "purified" under a pyramid, as the claims say, however it is chemically altered. Water is a polar molecule. The hydrogen bond is what allows this change to occur. The orgone energy produced by the pyramid polarizes, lines up, or somehow alters the hydrogen bond. This alters not only the taste of the water but some of it's chemical properties as well. Water that is "charged" with pyramid/orgone energy can pass on the energy to other things. Watering plants with pyramid water will help them grow better. Some people drink pyramid water too. If you would like to made lots of pyramid water to drink, put a gallon or less of water under a large frame pyramid (6ft base) and leave it for a hour. Treating small amounts of water under a small or large pyramid, takes only 10 to 15 minutes. Sharpen razor blades This sounds really strange, but it's true. A dull razor blade is impregnated with water molecules. Now

a pyramid creates a condition of microwave-dehydration (on non-living things), and removes the water from the steel. The moon cycles can affect results, as the moon cycles affect earth's magnetic field, and pyramid energy is related to magnetism (that's why you have to have the pyramid lined up to magnetic north. The blade sharpens best when it is lined up east-west, and the pyramid northsouth. The razor is put under the pyramid after each use. A cheap razor that lasts 5 good shaves will last 50 or more. I have heard reports of as high as 250 as well. With the lunar cycles affecting the pyramid, sometimes one will get a poor shave one night. Don't end the experiment, it will pick up again the next day. Now this is not a totally alien process, it just speeds up natural ones. If you leave a razor for 2 months it will lose the water, and "sharpen" itself. The pyramid does this over night. Pyramids will keep the blade sharp, but I think it takes a long time to sharpen a dull one. Try 2 weeks and see it it helps. It's best to start with a fresh blade and maintain it. Using good quality razors and pyramids together can help a razor last for many, many uses. Restore the lustre to tarnished jewellery and coins Pyramid energy will loosen tarnish off coins and jewellery. Leave the object under the pyramid for several days first. Then the tarnish will rub off very easily. This is likely due to the microwavedehydration breaking the tarnish's hold loose. Mummify and dehydrate meat, eggs and other food stuffs This is a most interesting effect of pyramid energy, and is due to the microwave dehydration. Meat, and other types of food will dry out quickly under a pyramid. For this type of experiment the samples should be sealed, unless using a frame pyramid. Other-wise the pyramid creating a closed space will affect results. The Egyptians had a very effective way of mummifying their dead, I believe this is how they did it. Help keep milk fresh and prevent souring without refrigeration Milk will stay fresh longer under a pyramid without refrigeration. This is because the micro-organisms that make the milk spoil cannot withstand the orgone energy, they don't like it. Dehydrate flowers without losing their form or colour The microwave-dehydration accelerates the drying process of the flowers faster than normal. I would recommend using a large frame pyramid for this, as the enclosure of a solid pyramid might counter act the effect. Also because of the 5% rule. Increase the growth rate of plants Orgone energy is good for plants, in moderation. Too much orgone can be harmful to some plants. Some can take more than others. The best way to prevent over-dose in plants is to water them with treated water. You can't over-dose hardly anything doing this. If a plant begins to wilt it has too much orgone, and needs to be given less. Help attain increased relaxation Pyramid energy puts the mind into a alpha-theta state which is one of relaxation. Animals quiet down under pyramids as well. Improves the taste of coffee, wine and certain fruit juices Pyramid energy alters the hydrogen bond in water. A general effect is a increase in the "smoothness" of a drink. It takes the sharp "edge" of drinks like coffee. Works well with wine too. Promotes healing of cuts, bruises and burns, as well as reduces pain from toothaches and headaches The title says it all. In general pyramid energy is good for multi-cellular organism. It is harmful to micro-organisms, which is good for killing infections and what not. I have also read that you don't get colds and the flu if sleeping under a pyramid. Sleeping/Sitting Under a Pyramid Sleeping under a small 8" base pyramid can have some small positive effects. Sleeping under a large

pyramid (6ft) has several benefits. First less sleep is needed. Also you will have vivid lucid dreams. Because mirco-organism don't like orgone you should get sick less. Some people meditate under a pyramid. Pyramid energy puts your mind into a theta-alpha state. This also what causes the lucid dreams, and puts the mind in a creative mood when you are awake. I have heard that some people study under a pyramid for this reason.

How to make a "standard" Cheops cardboard pyramidMaterials - Cardboard (cereal boxes or or any other kind you can get) - Masking tape - Sharp utility knife - Ruler - Geometry set - Compass Procedure - Draw out the diagram shown below onto the cardboard - Cut out the triangle - Do this 3 more times so you have 4 triangles - Lay the triangles on a table, put the edges together. - Put tape on the edges of the triangles - Pull it up into a pyramid - Tape the outside edges - Align the pyramid to magnetic north. To do this take a compass and line it up to north, then align one edge of the pyramid parallel to the needle, so one of the faces of the pyramid points north. This is important the pyramid must be lined up to work.

- Tetrahedron Construction MaterialsCardboard (cereal boxes or or any other kind you can get) Masking tape Sharp utility knife Ruler Geometry set Compass

Procedure - Draw out 3 equilateral triangles - Cut out the triangles - Set the 3 on a table and tape the sides together - Pull it up into a tetrahedron - To align the tetrahedron to magnetic north, one of the faces must point north, so the one face should be perpendicular to the compass needle pointing north.

Cone Construction MaterialsCardboard (cereal boxes, no corrugated cardboard) Masking tape Sharp utility knife Ruler Geometry set

Procedure - Draw a half circle as big as you can on the cardboard (and put a tab on the one side) - Cut it out with scissors - Pull it into a cone shape and tape the straight sides together, don't worry if it makes a bit of a tear drop shape from the top view. - The nice thing about cones is no alignment is needed as it is round. This cone is to the ratios of that which is to be used in the 45GD device, and it produces orgone quite well. I find this interesting as it shows that orgone may play a role in the Hamel technology.

Orgone Tube This is a really simple orgone accumulator I designed. It's a piece of cake to build.Materials - Empty Film Canister - Cotton balls

- Steel wool Procedure - Take a small piece of steel wool and put it in the bottom of the film canister - Take a piece of cotton and put it on top (I ripped the cotton balls in half) - Now you have one layer. Repeat until full. I got 4 layers in mine. - Put the lid on - To test it, fill two cups w