Experiences and Challenges in International EcoBusinessPlans denkstatt

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Experiences and Challenges in International EcoBusinessPlans denkstatt . Bernhard Kasper, Vienna, 12.04.2013. Topics . d enkstatt presentation denkstatt international experience with EcoBusinessPlans Ecological and economic results EcoProfit Novi Sad Best practice examples - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bernhard Kasper, Vienna, 12.04.2013Experiences and Challenges in International EcoBusinessPlans

denkstatt denkstatt GmbH Hietzinger Hauptstrae 28 A-1130 Wien Austria T (+43)1 786 89 00 F (+43)1 786 89 00-15 E [email protected] W www.denkstatt.atdenkstatt GmbH Hietzinger Hauptstrae 28 A-1130 Wien Austria T (+43)1 786 89 00 F (+43)1 786 89 00-15 E [email protected] W www.denkstatt.atTopics denkstatt presentationdenkstatt international experience with EcoBusinessPlansEcological and economic results EcoProfit Novi SadBest practice examples Challenges for the set up of an EcoBusinessPlan from the consultancy point of view

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denkstatt stands foreconomic success throughecological innovation andsocial responsibility

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Our clients

International EcoBusiness Experience denkstattEKOprofit Bratislava 2012 201450 companiesECOProfit Novi Sad 2011- 201316 companiesEcoprofit Timisoara (Romania) 2006 15 companiesEcoprofit South Tyrol (Italy) 2002 8 companiesEcoprofit Ramnicu Valcea 2000 (Romania) 10 companiesECOprofit Novi Sad General InformationStructure:2 EcoProfit Cycles (2011 & 2012)6 Teamworkshops & 6 days of individual consultancyTrain the Trainers programAwarding ceremony

Output:16 companies participated44 young people trained

Impact:92 environmental measures implemented135 environmental measures planned

ECOprofit Novi Sad Environmental and Economic Impact Ecological impact savings of:11.120 t of CO2 341 MWh electrical energy53 t residual waste10.190 m water

Economic impact:Total of the ProjectInvestment: 1,8 Mio. Saving: 550.000 Average per companyInvestment: 43.600 Savings: 15.300

Delhaize Serbia d.o.o.(former Delta Maxi), Novi Sad 2012Measure: Increase the tire pressure of the vehicles (pilot project with 8 lorrys)

Savings: 2.000 /year 1500 l diesel Total saving potential:15.000 /yearExamples of saving in EcoProfit companies (I)

Elektrovojvodina (Electric distribution), Novi Sad 2012

Measure: Replacement of the sign lights by LED tubes

Investment Costs:2000

Savings: 820 /year 110 kWh/year

Examples of saving in EcoProfit companies (II)

Novosadska Toplana (Heat production), Novi Sad 2012Measure: Use a freezing device to freeze the water in the network section which are being open for reconstruction, maintenance or new connections

Investment: 7.500

Savings per year: 2.900 5900 m gas700 m water

Examples of saving in EcoProfit companies (III)

Challenges of an EcoBusinessPlanOrganizational structureProject with a growing number of partners+ broad support from many stakeholders+ project stability- risk of long set up - phase- coordination efforts for the lead partnerFinancial Sources of financial support important for the sustainibility of the project Administrative efforts depend on type of subsidies Financial stability of the lead partner Participation of companiesDont underestimate the efforts to get companies in the projectDifferent project partners may be included Example ECOprofit Novi SadTraineesCleaner Production ServicesSupport, e.g. marketing of the resultsReduction of the environmental impact FinancingFinancingSupport for the set up of ECOprofitADA

Example EKOprofit BratislavaTraineesCP - ServicesSupportReduction of the environmental impact Communication & project futureFinancingSupport for the set up of EKOprofitCity Council of ViennaNADSMENational CofinancingEFRDFinancingSOPK

EcoBusinessPlan - RecommendationsDevelop the EcoBusinessPlan step by stepIntroduce first a module with quick success (e.g. Ecoprofit)Include a final evaluation of the achievements Final evaluation speeds up implementation of measuresCreate a pool of consultantsAfter starting phase the entrance of more consulting companies is advisableMarketing is important for companiesFind appropiate frame for the final awarding ceremonyTowards Sustainable Development

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