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    Expand your personal leadership skills and amplify your success in leading others.


    The APEX Leadership Program is proudly supported by

  • APEX is a ten-month long, “deep dive” leadership development program designed to meet the specific needs of orthopaedic surgeon leaders.

    Following in the tradition of the AOA-Kellogg Leadership Series and AOA Leadership Immersion Series with University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the APEX Leadership Certificate Program will cover strategic analysis, organizational culture, effective negotiations, and leadership for high-performing teams.

    Using a cohort learning model, participants experience aspects of collegiality and professional networking that builds strong bonds for years to come.

    Participants will work on their own personal capstone project to apply the lessons and skills learned to provide tangible and implementable solutions for personal growth and added institutional/departmental value.

    Who Should Attend? Orthopaedic leaders who wish to achieve prime leadership status in the orthopaedic community and in their workplace will find value in this experience.

    Have you considered an MBA or aspired to enhance your leadership position, but time constraints were a barrier?

    AOA’s signature blend of leadership development, with direct relevance to orthopaedics and issues confronting medicine, allows individuals at any stage of their career to expand their knowledge and leadership skills.

    AOA | USC APEX Leadership Program



    Program Highlights

    The AOA | USC Leadership Certificate Program melds the power of face-to- face education with the convenience of distance-learning formats to tackle the essential leadership development skills required of surgeons today.

    Cohort Model for Learning

    • Participants will benefit from a shared learning experience. • Intimate peer networking, and collegiality in a small setting. • Build strong bonds with orthopaedic leaders across subspecialties. AOA Ambassadors

    • Three recognized orthopaedic leaders will serve as Ambassadors for the cohort, partnering with our expert USC faculty to enrich the program experience.

    • These Ambassadors represent the concerns and priorities of orthopaedic surgeons who encounter everyday leadership challenges within health care. AOA Ambassadors, contribute to program development, participate alongside learners, and serve as educators, to link executive management concepts to the work done by physician leaders.

    Capstone Project

    • Identify a leadership project to incorporate the skills acquired to provide solutions valuable to you and your institution.

    • Determine how to change or influence your organizational culture. • Apply skills obtained to formulate an action plan. • USC faculty will provide one-on-one engagement with each cohort member and deliver

    feedback over the course of the 10-month project.

    Graduate with AOA Alumni Status

    • Cohort graduates will emerge into an esteemed and highly coveted group of APEX alumni. See Alumni section for more information.

    Leadership Self-Assessment for Personal Development and Leading Teams

    • Diagnose your personal leadership style. • Develop and expand your personal skills and amplify your success in leading others.

  • Powerful formats to address essential leadership development skills

    Three In-Person Sessions (40 instructional hours): Relevant case studies, experiential hands-on exercises, simulation activities, small breakout sessions, interactive classes, and online discussions provide a vibrant learning environment to connect with other orthopaedic leaders and enhance your leadership skills. _______________________________________________________________________________

    February 15-16, 2019 Marriot Suites O’Hare - Rosemont, IL

    June 29, 2019 | AOA Annual Leadership Meeting Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina - San Diego, CA

    October 4-5, 2019 University of Southern California Marshall School of Business - Los Angeles, CA _______________________________________________________________________________

    Virtual Learning and Coursework (10 instructional hours): A blend of instructive online courses and interactive webinars designed to extend and enrich the cohort’s collective learning and bridge components studied in the three in-person sessions. These sessions include off-campus team projects, individual assignments, and modules that are taught in a distance learning format. A monthly virtual gathering of the cohort and USC faculty covers:

    • Understanding the Health Care Industry & the Political Environment

    • Disruption/Strategic Mindset

    • Organizational Culture

    • Strategic Analysis for Competitive Advantage

    • Introduction to Culture Assessment Tool: Self and Organizational Diagnosis

    • Review of Assessment Results

    • Personal Leadership

    • Project Work/Coaching

    • Effectively Negotiating with the Power of Persuasion

    • Leadership Teams

    • Driving Change

    • Power and Influence

    • Leading Teams

    • Leading and Managing Organizational Change

    • Project Review and Implementation

    Culture Assessment Tool: Self and Organizational Diagnosis The January session will be a special orientation/introduction in which USC faculty will distribute a pre-course survey examining participants’ existing vs. ideal organizational culture. An additional leadership self-assessment will drive the cohort’s learning, helping to gauge the individual’s own leadership style, to ultimately identify areas for improvement.

    The AOA | USC APEX Leadership Program Cohort Year


    APEX Learning Objectives Include:

    Develop a Strategic Mindset

    • Explore the relationship between strategy, market structure, and the impact of frontline activities on strategic goals.

    • Unlock and apply the mystery of the strategy formation process. Agility for the Health Care Industry

    • Strengthen the grasp on policy, competitors, and trends in the health care industry to enliven your leadership.

    Map the Organizational Culture

    • Learn how culture is reflected in ongoing interactions. • Determine how the various facets of culture function as six important levers for impacting

    organizational performance and effectiveness.

    Personal Leadership

    • Explore effective leadership styles and when to assume each role in different situations. • Delve into the role of accountability and its relationship with personal development. • Examine executive leadership: integrity, vision, innovation, and interpersonal relations. Effectively Negotiating/Power of Persuasion

    • Uncover communication methods to achieve win-win outcomes. • Master emotional intelligence, perfect the art of persuasion, and triage difficult situations. • Recognize how various power and influence dynamics serve or hinder leaders. Strategic Analysis for Competitive Advantage

    • Learn how to make strategic choices in an analytical and integrative manner. • Address the challenge of sustainability, and maximize the long-term value of the organization. • Meet the challenge of changing technologies and increasing competition. Leadership for High Performing Teams

    • Understand the keys to effective people management. • Identify different management styles and when to use them. • Attain the skills necessary for building, facilitating, and leading teams.

    “ Orthopaedists do not have many opportunities to develop the leadership and navigational skills to succeed. This program addresses issues such as understanding the health care industry, organizational culture, strategic analyses, and instruction on the development of critical individual leadership skills including negotiation, leading change, and emotional intelligence. The coursework includes a capstone project that allows attendees to integrate and synthesize what they have learned. ” Theodore Miclau, III, MD, FAOA | APEX Program Ambassador Vice-Chair, Fellowship Director & Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of California San Francisco

  • APEX Alumni Benefits APEX graduates form an esteemed, highly coveted group of alumni. APEX is an excellent learning opportunity for those who have achieved or wish to achieve prime leader status in the orthopaedic community or in their hospitals. It also affords niche benefits to those that complete the program.

    Certificate of Completion

    • All cohort members who graduate from the AOA | USC APEX Leadership Program receive a USC MSBEE Certificate of Completion, co-branded with USC and AOA signatures.


    • Increased internal AOA recognition in AOA publications, e-mails and on the AOA website. • APEX Alumni attend yearly receptions and receive recognition at AOA Annual Leadership Meetings. • Graduates don ribbons at AOA Annual Leadership Meetings highlighting their APEX Alumni status. USC-Specific Benefits

    • APEX Alumni receive USC Marshall School of Business Executive Education Alumni status and