Exhibitors - Cymatics ... for $20.00 or a 22 page aura report with a color personality analysis for

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Transcript of Exhibitors - Cymatics ... for $20.00 or a 22 page aura report with a color personality analysis for

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    Dr. Monica O’Sullivan ND, owner of Community Health and Healing, a full service holistic healing clinic located in Woodstock Georgia. Through specific testing modalities, high quality homeopathic, herbal and nutritional supplements as well as years of knowledge in the healing arts, chronic and acute illnesses patterns will be addressed and you will be given the opportunity to heal, having a future free of pain and sickness. My goal is to empower one person at a time creating a healthier world. www.communityhealthandhealing.com

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    mystics 5,000 ago, Higher Brain Living® is transformational, proven and repeatable. The Higher Brain Living® Program creates a clear channel and powerful energy surge to the Higher Brain that opens a gateway to true, lasting, limitless and expansive higher living like no other healing or growth modality on the planet. Higher Brain Living Sessions – a proven gentle touch technique that creates a surge of energy to the pre-frontal cortex of the brain to eliminate chronic stress. The higher brain (pre-frontal cortex) is the area of the brain that is responsible for joy, insight, clarity and confidence. Activating the higher brain helps you to reach your full potential like nothing before available. Permanently change your life with higher brain living. Bring more peace, calm, passion and potential into your life. Begin living your fearlessly authentic life! www.higherbrainlivingdrsarasweeney.com


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    Booth No: U6 AURA CAMERA SPIRITUAL AWAKENING Rhonda Leiva 609 Brookside Pass, Woodstock, GA 30188 770-855-9356 believeinyourdreams7@gmail.com My name is Rhonda Leiva and I offer a one page aura photo for $20.00 or a 22 page aura report with a color personality analysis for $40.00. The color personality analysis is a 22 page report that covers your Mind-Body-Spirit, stress/relaxation, energy level, relationships and intimacy, career and finances, health, well-being and growth. Come and see what your aura has to say about you! Book “Believe in Your Dreams” for sale. www.believeinyourdreamsthebook.com

    Booth No: U7-U10 Silent Auction Bid on your favorite items, all proceeds go to ISTA – a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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    Booth No: U14 Infinichi Phillip Christman PO BOX 70474 Marietta, GA 30007 404-822-3372 innerview@bellsouth.net At Infinichi, we believe that true well-being extends beyond a healthy body. It is a result of a balanced life. Healing herbs and foods, exercise, self-awareness, a positive emotional life, living in harmony with environment and spiritual growth are all essential for vitality, wellness and longevity. Our purpose is to put you on the path to achieving a greater quality of health and prosperity than you can imagine. Chinese Herbal Formulas; Tea; Skin Care; Wellness Products; Life Coaching Tools; Wellness Books; Chi Gong and Meditation DVD’s; Meditation CD’s www.infinichi.com

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    Booth No: U17 Ty Bollinger Ty and his wife Charlene are co-owners of multiple health businesses and they are working together to change the world. Ty is a sought after speaker at seminars, expos, conferences, churches and is a regular guest on multiple radio shows. He also writes for numerous magazines and websites. He co-hosts a weekly radio show with Robert Scott Bell called, “Outside the Box Wednesdays.” www.CancerTruth.net. Books, CD’s, DVD’s and articles on the most effective cancer treatments. www.thetruthaboutcancer.com

    Booth No: U18 GDVSource Mary Milroy 606 Park Avenue, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 856-829-0992 Mary Milroy - CEO “Transforming lives through energy measurement” GDVSource offers energy measurement analysis of the emotional & physical energy fields using GDV digital kirlian cameras. www.gdvsource.com

    Booth No: U19 Institute of Mindful Living 1565 Longwood Drive Marietta, GA 30008 310.739.8842 Don Reed Simmons, Founder/Director DonReedSimmons@aol.com The Institute of Mindful Living is a new paradigm of experiencing life through the aspect of mindfulness, compassion and joy. As a way of living, the Institute of Mindful Living offers classes, workshop, retreats and so much more. This is a Life whose time has come. Join us – say hello – live Mindfully! www.TheMindfulSociety.com

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    Booth No: L9-L10 Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore Candace Apple 5531 Roswell Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30342 404-255-5207 Books and Gifts Celebrating The Human Spirit—Featuring a wide variety of tools for sound healing including Tibetan singing bowls, chakra bowls, chimes, gongs, books, CDs, zafus, incense, and smudge. www.phoenixanddragon.com

    Booth No: L1 The Olive Leaf, LLC Melissa Bennett, ND,CTN,CNW Naturopath, Emory Predictive Health Partner 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 53, Alpharetta, GA 30022 3444 Club Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30044 404-528-9755 Hi my name is Melissa Bennett, ND I am a Naturopathic Practitioner and Emory Predictive Health Partner. I am also a breast cancer survivor of 15 years. I have dedicated my life to helping patients stay balanced and healthy. I offer many preventative tests in my practice that will help you keep aware of how your immune system is functioning. You will be able to purchase test kits at the event and schedule for Thermography. I also provide a specific genotype Nutritional Program to support those going through cancer. Testing: Thermography ; Micronutrient testing; Food Sensitivity testing; Genetic testing for Cancer Genes TK1 enzyme testing (checks to see if any cells are replicating.) www.theoliveleaf.com

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