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The SIPPO Pavilion presents countries in transition Ukraine, Kosovo & Vietnam At CeBIT 2011 Hanover, March 1 – 5, 2011 Hall 2 booth D30

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  • 1. The SIPPO Pavilion presents countries in transitionUkraine, Kosovo & VietnamAt CeBIT 2011Hanover, March 1 5, 2011Hall 2 booth D301

2. SIPPO Swiss ImportPromotion Programme. SIPPO, the Swiss Import Promotion Programme, is a mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, within the frame- work of its economic development cooperation. It is carried out by Osec, the official Swiss foreign trade promotion agency. The programme helps SMEs in developing and transition countries to gain access to the Swiss and European markets by providing information, training courses and other matchmaking services. SIPPO also assists importers from Switzerland and the European Union with finding suitable partners and high-quality products from selected developing and transition countries. The programme has five main goals: To inform the Swiss and European import economy about new market sources To strengthen trade institutions and business sector associa- tions in the trade promotion process To increase the competitiveness of SMEs in selected partner countries To develop the manufacturing and exporting skills of SMEs in selected partner countries To establish qualified trade contacts between SMEs from emerging markets and markets in transition and the Swiss and European import economy Osec Swiss Import Promotion Programme Stampfenbachstrasse 85, P.O. Box 2407 CH-8021 Zurich, Switzerland Phone +41 44 365 53 65, Fax +41 44 365 52 02 cbernet@osec.ch, www.sippo.ch2 3. Ukraine.LLC Art-MasterAddress:Surykova 3 st (let.A)Phone +38 44 248 97 91p/o box 44 Fax +38 44 248 98 1403035 Kyiv post@am-soft.uaUkrainewww.am-soft.uaContact: Kovalskiy Oleksiy, Pogan OleksiiProduction areas: Software development, development of GISsolutions, information protection, electronic digital signature serv-ices, IT training, technical support, consulting, sale of licensedsoftwareCertifications: ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, MicrosoftGold Partner, Oracle Gold partner, certified distibutor of Adobe,Corel, Macromedia software and ABBYY software corporatelicensesCustomer groups: State enterprises, small businesses, individualsCustomers: Various Ukrainian enterprisesArt-Master Ltd. started on the Ukrainian IT market in 2000. Wevebeen growing and developing continuously, building a track recordof success ever since. Today we count more than 350 people in ourteam and since the beginning of 2007 we are represented in 24regional centers of the Ukraine as well as in Simpheropol, Crimea.Over the last 10 years our experts have participated in large-scaleprojects which has allowed us to gain significant experience to helpsolve problems of almost any level of complexity. Thus, we aspireto offer solutions of a quality that corresponds to world standards.Our motto is: Professionalism. Quality. Timeliness.3 4. Ukraine. Infostroy Ltd Address: 51, Elizarova str. Phone +38 57 7 176 154 Kharkov 61098info@infostroy-software.com Ukrainewww.infostroy-software.com Contact: Alexander Lipanov, Anna Kostina Production areas: Software development for Windows & Linux OS familes, incl. embedded & firmware development. .NET, C++, PHP, Java, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostGres, CodeSys. ISO 9001 quality standard. Microsoft Certified Partner, Intel Software Partner Main product group: Software and hardware development and design for all Windows OS and Linux OS familes Customer groups: Information Technologies, Telecommuni- cations, Education, Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution, Media & Publishing, Healthcare & Medecine, Science & Research Customers: XCOMS SA, Italy. The Child I.D. Program, USA. IceShop BV, Netherlands. ReadyTech Corp, USA. Stellar Private Cable Systems, USA. Scorpion Innovation Ltd, UK. MagicDevices Gmbh, Germany Infostroy Ltd was founded in Kharkov, Ukraine in 2000. Today the company employs 40 highly qualified specialists. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and Intel Software Partner. We develop software for Windows and Linux OS families including embedded and firmware development. Our quality assurance process meets ISO 9001 standard requirements.4 5. ISD DesignAddress:Shevchenko Str., 14Phone +38 56 770 20 90Dnepropetrovsk, 49044Fax +38 56 770 20 34Ukraineinfo@isd.dp.ua www.isd.dp.uaContact: Tatyana KasyanProduction areas: Software and application development,business process management, billing applications, systemintegration, time attendance, training, consulting. Developmentpractices: waterfall model, RUP, Agile. Frameworks: J2EE, .NET,Oracle. Platforms: Windows, AIX, Unix. Programming languages:Java, C#, C++, VC++, C, Perl, PHP, Java Script, AJAX, HTML,XML, XSLT. Middleware: CORBA, WebLogic, ESB, COM, RMI,RPC, MSMQ, EJB. DBMS: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Access.Main product group: Distributed, large scale laboratory infor-mation systems for hospitals, custom software development,software maintenance and supportCustomer groups: All industriesCustomers: SCC, USAISD is a Ukrainian software development company, founded in1993 with today 480 employees in 5 locations. Our experiencein software production and well-defined production processesallows our products to comply with strict FDA regulations. Dif-ferent production methodologies are used (from Agile to strictlydocumented RUP) to satisfy our customers needs depending onthe nature of the projects. 5 6. Ukraine. Softengi LLC Address: 35/37, Vasylia Stusa St. Phone +380 44 222 6035 Kiew 03142 Fax+380 44 222 6057 Ukraineinfo@softengi.comwww.softengi.com Contact: Svitlana Filatova, Ruslan Olkhovskyi Production areas: Software development, IT outstaffing, IT operations, custom software development, software testing and QA, refactoring and migration, software maintenance and support Main product group: Microsoft technologies and products, Java, Oracle, web and mobile technologies, computer graphics Customer groups: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Government, Environment, Health and Safety Customers: Switzerland (Impaq, Ingersoll Rand), Germany (Pixabit GmbH, Process Square GmbH), USA (Syntex Manage- ment Systems, Enviance Inc., Volia Software, HedgeServ Co, EON Reality Inc.), Georgia, Ukraine Softengi is a professional IT outsourcing service provider with 15 years experience in the field. Our main competencies are software development and IT outstaffing; in both we cover the full cycle of the processes. Being a spin-off of the Ukrainian IT giant Softline, Softengi inherited the best IT practices, scientific tradi- tions and a strong background in innovation and creativity. With advanced technology and industry expertise, flexible software development methodology and a variety of services, Softengi can become your long term reliable partner.6 7. Republic of Kosovo.Logistics Plus, LLCAddress:Hajrullah Abdullahu str. 33Phone +377 44 148 28210000 Prishtinainfo@logisticsplus-ks.comRepublic of Kosovo www.logisticsplus-ks.comContact: Edi Bunjaku, Flakron BytyqiProduction areas: System Integration, location based services,software developmentMain product group: GPS Fleet Management, Elevator Monitor-ing System, Electric Generator Monitoring System, Forecourt POSManagementCustomer groups: All industriesCustomers: Illyria Insurance, Sava Group, Kosovo; Governmentof Kosovo; VEV Group, Kosovo; Teltonika UBT, Lithuania; HymeriKlehmann, KosovoLogistics Plus LLC was founded in 2008 and specializes in de-veloping integrated solutions across many industries. To date wehave managed to develop comprehensive Fleet, Fuel, and AssetManagement Telemetry solutions, business process automationthrough systems integration and end-use software development.We put emphasis on using modern and secure solutions whilstutilizing open-source technologies. The team is forged of 10 full-time and a top notch roster of exceptional engineers committed tocreating state-of-the-art solutions that allow our clients to bettercontrol and manage their assets. Our team is project oriented,flexible, and multilingual and has plenty of project experience. 7 8. Republic of Kosovo. Pbc Address: Rr. Musine Kokalari p.n.Phone +381 38 544 127 10000 Prishtina Fax +381 38 544 137 Republic of Kosovopbc@pbc-ks.com www.pbc-ks.com Contact: Gazmend Selmani, Besnik Jusufi Production areas: Software development Main product group: SIMEPP Time Attendance Control System, SIMB Human Resources MS, SIMPAG Payroll System, SOMAS Asset MS, SIMDEP Warehouse MS, SeMun University Adminis- tration MS, eArch Digital Archive, eCli Private Health Institutions MS, SIMOB Organizations Internal MS, eProc Electronic Pro- curement, FinUn University Accounting & Finance MS, eAnkesat Customer Complaint MS, FINKO Accounting & Finance MS (SMEs), KosHo Hotel MS, SiTra Shipping MS, SoOper Operation Monitoring System, KriDi Digital Encryption, ePha Pharmaceuti- cal Production Monitoring System, SiReb Tickets Reservation System, ePa Real Estate MS. *MS = Management System Customer groups: Government, SME, corporate clients Customers: Various Kosovo ministerial offices and other govern- mental bodies and agencies, Kosovo Energy Corporation, Post and Telecommunications, Financial Intelligence Center, Lawyers Chamber. Insurance Company Insig sh.a., Republic of Albania Since the company was founded in 2003, Pbc has developed into one of the most respected IT companies in Kosovo.8 9. RrotaAddress:Kroni i bardhe 60-62Phone +381 37 544 299PO Box 263info@rrota.com10000 Prishtina www.rrota.comRepublic of KosovoContact: Astrit Hyseni, Erzen KomoniProduction areas: Web applications, front-end development(HTML, CSS< Javascript, AJAX), back-end development (PHP/MySQL, .NET C#, MSSQL)Main product group: Web, CMS, OutsourcingCustomer groups: News agencies; financial, educational andgovernmental institutionsCustomers: Wertheim, Austria. Microsoft, Austria. Valtech,Sweden. Rail Net Europe, EURrota is a multimedia company based in Prishtina, Kosovo, oper-ating since 2002. Since then Rrota has been growing at a steadypace of 30% each y