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Executive Functioning. The Cookie Problem (from Richard Guare , Ph.D.). Problem to be solved: Who wore which color? Rachel, Linda, and Eve were friends sitting in a circle on the grass. Rache l passed 3 chocolate chip cookies to the person in blue. Who wore which color? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Executive Functioning

Executive FunctioningProblem to be solved: Who wore which color?Rachel, Linda, and Eve were friends sitting in a circle on the grass. Rachel passed 3 chocolate chip cookies to the person in blue. Who wore which color?Eve passed 3 macaroons to the person who passed her cookies to the person wearing green.Each person passed 3 cookies to the friend on her left.Rachel, Linda, and Eve were dressed in red, blue, and green, but not necessarily in that order.The person who wore green did not get a macaroon.The person wearing red passed along 3 oatmeal cookies.The Cookie Problem (from Richard Guare, Ph.D.)Questions to consider:What do I need to know?What do I know now?How can I organize the information, so it makes sense?What is my plan?Checking for accuracyThe Cookie Problem (from Richard Guare, Ph.D.)

Brocas Area(Speech and Language)Wernickes Area(Language Comprehension)Angular Gyrus(Connector)Occipital Lobe (visual)This is a brief explanation of the connection of the 4-part processor and the brain. Brocas area correlates to phonological processing, Occipital Lobe correlates to orthographic processor, Wernickes Area correlates to meaning and context processors. Angular gyrus is the connection for sound symbol relationships. Do not go into this in depth. Additional information can be found through a search of Shaywitz, Guinevere Eden from Georgetown University, Sally Shaywitz (Yale University; book Overcoming Dyslexia, and Maryanne Wolf (Proust and the Squid)MRI research reveals that students who are struggling readers are overusing Brocas Area, because the other components dont appear to be firing. For some reason the connections are not being made.Key Point: Many parts of the brain must be engaged and working effectively for students to be successful. If the neuropathways that connect the pieces of the 4-part processor are weak, inactive or absent, then students struggle with reading, or have to be provided opportunities through explicit instruction to develop alternate routes to make those connections.

4ADD/ADHDOCDTourettes SyndromeSchizophreniaAutism Spectrum DisorderAlzheimers DementiaPoor executive functionsExcessive joviality, as well as oral and manual explorationImpulsivityStereotypical behaviorPerseverationRitualistic Behavior Frontal Lobe Deficits are connected to:Where/How do executive functions develop?

Myelination is the process by which a fatty layer, called myelin, accumulates around nerve cells (neurons). This myelination occurs in adolescence and supports improvement of executive functions, impulse control, self-regulationLets Explore Executive Functioning

Imagine the Possibilities

+Effectively use timeUse working memoryAttend to the task at handFilter out extraneous information

Initiate TasksHave motivation to persevereOrganizePlanMake Decisions

Executive Functions give us the ability to:

Socially: Self-monitorTheory of MindSelf-controlTask ShiftModify emotional responsePredict consequences

Executive Functions give us the ability to:Executive functions allows for:ForethoughtPlanningGoal-directed ActionsSelf-Disciplane/Self-RegulationPersistence/Grit

T-P-S: How does this impact literacy instruction?

Smart, but Scattered: ExplainedSelf-monitorSelf-controlTask ShiftModify emotional responsePredict consequencesAttend to the task at handFilter out extraneous information

Initiate TasksHave motivation to persevereOrganizePlanMake DecisionsEffectively use timeUse working memory

Which of these are most connected to language development?

Pruning of the Neuropathways

Increased connectivity between brain regions

The Growth of the Brain

Two Brain Changes During Adolescence

How are we going to meet the needs of most kids in the classroom?Effective Teaching PracticesHigh Impact StrategiesUniversal Design for Learning

Limit Stress!!!Find appropriate sources of motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic) to communicateTeach the process of organization through play, modeling and communication opportunitiesRepetition and structure are necessary for solidify neuropathway

Strategies for Language and Executive Function:Teach and practice dialogueUse managed choice for decision-makingFor memory: music, rhymes, words within words, peg wordsV.A.K.T. (Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile)Sensory seekers and avoidersPhysiological needs

Strategies for Language and Executive Function:PictureListAssemble (hint)Notice

Have a PLAN

Learner Variability

Quotation Mingle:Universal Design for LearningIncreased Engagement TimeRead and WrapDiscuss Salient Points with your teamFind a person with a different number and shareLearner Variability8.5


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