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Mastermind Coaching Process, by Joslyn Johnson

Transcript of Executive Coaching Presentation

  • 1. Executive Coaching and Work Place Productivity By: Joslyn Johnson

2. Unproductive Workplace? 3. Consider ThisHires1 Productive A+ Performer 4. Is that logical?75 Percentof Workers are C or Dperformers 5. Steps To Executive Success 6. Executive Training Trends 80% 70% 60% 50%40%30%20%10% 0%Outside Coaching TrainingOutsideWays Organizations Are Helping In-house CoachingSenior Executives Build Their SkillsAssigning Leaders To Project Teams MenPairing Leaders With 7. Executives Need Coaches TooTangible ResultsIntangible ResultsImproved productivity-- 53% increaseBetter relationships with direct reports-- 77%increaseBetter quality work product-- 48%increaseBetter relationships with supervisors-- 71%increaseGreater organizational strength-- 48%increaseImproved teamwork -- 67% increaseBetter relationship with peers-- 63% increaseGreater job satisfaction-- 61% increase 8. 7 Step GROWPsychodynamicMastermind Brain Based 9. Case Scenario Introducing Mary Jane 10. Mary Janes Employees 11. The SolutionCertified MasterMind Coach Program 12. Mastermind Coaching Results Personal Assessment Identifies Root Problems/Nature Values Identification Business Shaped By Core Values Time Audit Eliminates Wasted Time/ProductiveSWOT Identify Opportunities/ActivateMission/Roadmap Clear Decisive MissionPriorities/Goals/ Calendar Creates Priority Based CalendarCreate Executive Dashboard Linear Schedule With Deadlines Accountability Plan Day Reviews/Priorities TestSustainability Support Group/Investment Spread The Concept Empower Others Through Coaching 13. Executive Coaching 14. ReferencesBoylston, D. (2010). Mastermind coaching program,Retrieved from http://rescueinstitute.org Brunning, H. (2006). Executive coaching: systems of psychodynamic perspective. London: Karnac BooksDembkowski, S., Eldridge, F., & Hunter, I. (2006). The seven steps of effective executive coaching. London: Thorogood Publshing.Nancherla, A. (2010). C-level boot camp: many senior executives need further training in their job responsibilities. Training & Development, 64(1), 24.Taylor, LE. (2007). The core values handbook:introducingthe only assessment that characterizes and measures the innate unchanging nature of people. Tukwila,WA: TaylorProtocols, Inc.