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    • Advancing Executive Relationships
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    • Experts in many critical areas - yet aspects of the their communication behavior may undermine productivity and drain emotional resources of reports.
    • They may wondered why employees are struggling when the strategy and objectives are so clear.
    • They know that miscommunication problems exist, however, they are frustrated by the valuable time wasted trying to correct problems.
    • Solution: Re-evaluate the leader's communication model and strategically add new skills & options that stimulate staffs cooperation and productivity.
    Advancing Executive Relationships Who Can Benefit? President/CEO/COO/CFO
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    • They may be at a critical new stage in their career.
    • Confusion regarding their next career step can result in unproductive behavior that undermines productivity, satisfaction and confidence of collogues.
    • Realize that the skills they have used in the past are no longer adequate to lead others during changing times and reorganization
    • Can be at a loss to find positive solution to their dissatisfaction.
    • Solution: Use coaching to help individual contributor re-evaluate current career expectations and future goals
    Advancing Executive Relationships Who Can Benefit? Individual Contributors
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    • Made up of individuals who excel in their area of expertise, however, their interpersonal skills often fall short of their technical and administrative experience.
    • Their meeting agendas may crumble as employees act out in disruptive behaviors.
    • They may use fault finding rather than creative efforts to solve problems.
    • Conflict avoidance may become chronic when they lack a model for resolving differences.
    • Their staff members may become passive-aggressive and territorial.
    • Solutions: On a one-on-one basis reevaluate the individuals communication styles and add new skills and options that change results. This is then followed up with TeamWork sessions.
    Advancing Executive Relationships Who Can Benefit? Executive Staff
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    • They often struggle to adjust to new surroundings, new cultures and the variety of new management styles.
    • May have a lack of basic management skills causing disruption and high maintenance from others who must compensate for the new employees need for information and time.
    • May show dissatisfaction with what they perceive as the new organization's incompetence based on previous experience.
    • May be reluctant to fully engage with collogues, choosing to rely on their own expertise.
    • Solutions: Coaching can accelerate the employees integration into a new company or position. This is essential when bringing on new members to an ongoing team.
    Advancing Executive Relationships Who Can Benefit? New Hires
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    • Quickly focus leaders on relationships, strategies & goals
    • Learn to delegate down to capture personal time and focus
    • Improve professionalism and job satisfaction
    • Stop miscommunications & fault finding
    • Skills to Assure Productivity & Commitment
    • Tools to Strategic Thinking & Strategic Planning
    Advancing Executive Relationships Program Benefits
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    • Leadership
    • One-on-one, confidential sessions.
    • Weekly, for 1 to 4 hours, new skills are learned and immediately applied.
    • Leadership RESULTS begin when a leader is directly & intimately aware of the effect of their communication behavior (verbal and non-verbal) on others.
    • Three Stages of Leadership Development:
      • FIRST: How Experienced Leaders Achieve Optimal Results - New communication model is explained in detail & applied to work.
      • SECOND: Developing a Results Focus Leadership Style - Step by step coaching that focuses on relationships with co-workers & work issues.
      • THIRD: The Power of Being Seen and Understood - Understanding the power of leaving each interpersonal interaction or meeting with co-workers feeling Seen, Understood and Valued for their work and ideas.
    Advancing Executive Relationships Program Description
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    • TeamWork
    • 1. Complete the Leadership Program
    • Each employee must already have the skills to avoid using valuable time in unproductive interactions. 'TeamWork' sessions are used to work on current business issues, new opportunities, company policies and direction, and not on case studies.
    • 2. Agreement From All Participants That 'Team Work' Is The Next Step.
    • A discussion is held, pre-team development, with all participants at a regular staff meeting. The 'Team Work' Program is explained & questions answered.
    • 3. Regular Half and Full Day ' Team Work' Sessions
    • 'Team Work' sessions blend in as a regular - ongoing part of the company's Leadership Training Program. Interpersonal development is a natural byproduct of working together on current issues. All session objectives are aligned with current business priorities.
    • My objective / job is to ensure a continuity of direct, yet healthy interactions between participants and assure real results by end of the day.
    Advancing Executive Relationships Program Description
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    • Coaching
    • Due to fast-track promotion of key players into positions of leadership, there can be a shortage of one-on-one, mentoring at the top. Experienced leaders have little time to spare in order to build mature, proactive co-workers or teams.
    • Independent, outside coaching can make the difference between:
      • Success or failure for a leader,
      • High or marginal cooperation in his or her work groups, and
      • Achieved or lost bottom line results.
    • I work side by side with the leader to discuss, reflect on and think through current issues and their implications for co-workers and the organization. Together we look for and model patterns of communication, work flow, organizational dynamics, strategies and how to influence others.
    • Leadership Coaching includes the Leadership Program and involves, as needed, proactive sessions with fellow employees.
    Advancing Executive Relationships Program Description
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    • Business success and productivity is significantly undermined by the lack of an applied technology of relationship/communication skills and options.
    • 40 to 60% of a leaders energy is spent trying to communicate/interact with co-workers using their best attempt relationship model.
    • Leaders & managers interpersonal knowledge lags far behind their technical & administrative expertise.
    • Many professionals have graduate degrees in a technological, financial or administrative discipline and a high school equivalency certificate in relationship/communicating skills.
    Advancing Executive Relationships Why Relationships & Teams Fail
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    • As Peter Drucker said, "In forty-five years of work as a consultant I have not come across a single 'natural': an executive who was born effective. All the effective ones have had to learn to be effective. [The executive] has to learn a good many new work habits, and will occasionally have to unlearn some old work habits.
    • Old work habits that do not achieve desired results need to be replaced. One would not use 1970s technology to build new products? And yet, we continue using the communication skills and relationship models we learned in childhood to solve adult problems.
    • Professionals must grasp the fact that they dra