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  • Introductione-Biz (Excise Software)From past decade most of the companies use "Tally" software, for the accounting purpose, then why one would choose e-Biz Accounting Software. Because Tally does not provide other features besides accounts, whereas with "Shantech India" you will be benefited with customized e-Biz package integrating Excise tax & other taxes implied by the government, which you require besides accounts.In view to all these hassles occurred to all businessmen, Shantech India e-Biz is the unique solution. As it also calculates Excise & other Taxes implied by the government on the purchase & sales transactions. Inventory & other features will also be provided as per your requirement.

    We can integrate our e-Biz Software with your Tally Accounting Package (Depending On the user requirements).

  • Benefits Of ComputerizationComplete Inventory, Production, Accounting & Excise Records Management Control on Stocks & Manual Mistake Easy & Fast billing with Accuracy Cross check of Purchase Rates, Discounts & Cost Effective Purchase Management to reduce costing Order Management Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement Integrated Accounting "PAPERLESS OFFICE" in Tally Auto BED,Cess & SHE-Cess calculation on behalf of Purchase Direct Posting from Invoice to RG 23 Register Very Easy & Fast Excise Invoice Generation Option to add / Not to Add duties in Final Bill Value Multi Item billing Multi units option (e.g. Loose quantity of Kgs and No. of bags) Different Excise duty consideration like BED, AED, SED,CESS etc. in Invoice Auto Generation of RG Page Numbers Selected Item Name / Typed name print option on Invoice (eg ABS 2054 RED printed as Plastic Dana) Print Duties in Integer / 2 Decimal / 3 Decimal Certificate & Receive from print on purchase feeding bases Multi Discount system like Item wise per Unit, Lumsum, Percentage & Bill Discounts Complete excise detail of party Complete detail of Bill at the time of Item Selection in Bill Show Party Credit Limit / Outstanding / Excise Detail at the time of Billing

  • Excise ReportsPersonal Ledger Account (PLA)Personal Ledger Account (PLA) with Education CassRG 23 A Part IRG 23 A Part IIRG 23 C Part IRG 23 C Part IIService Tax Credit Register with Education CessRG I (Item-wise/Group-wise/Chapter-wise) Daily Stock StatementDuty Payable Report (Date-wise / Invoice-wise / Chapter-wise / Group-wise)Duty Available ReportDaily Production ReportDuty Deposited