Exceptional Alice My World and the Worlds of Alice Collide Melissa Pearson West Ashley High School

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Transcript of Exceptional Alice My World and the Worlds of Alice Collide Melissa Pearson West Ashley High School

  • Exceptional AliceMy World and theWorlds of AliceCollide

    Melissa PearsonWest Ashley High School

  • In My World

    A 19 year old loves Barney.

  • In My WorldSupported employment and living at home are the ultimate goal.

  • In My WorldThe exact same skills are taught daily. (Lather. Rinse. Repeat.)

    Data is collected but the increases are few and far between.

    Something needs to change.

  • The FactsTrainable Mentally Disabled StudentI.Q.s below 50learn personal living skills work in supported settings restaurants, retail stores and sheltered workshopsReading and Mathematical LevelsFirst or second grade levelMost use picture symbolsto read

  • The FactsDirect instruction- studies have shown that this is the most effective pedagogy for teaching this population Teachers daily model skills, give guided practice and then the students practice independently.

  • Social StoriesAre tools for teaching social skills to children with disabilities, the most prevalent being autism.

    Provide an individual with accurate information about situations that they may find confusing.

  • Social Stories Focus OnThe important social cuesThe events and reactions the individual might expect to occurThe actions and reactions that might be expected of themWhy the event happens

  • Lining UpAt school, we sometimes line up.We line up to go to the gym, to go to the library, and to go out to recess.Sometimes my friends and I get excited when we line up, because we are going someplace fun like recess.It is okay to get excited, but it is important to try to walk to the line. Running can cause accidents, and my friends or I could get hurt.I will try to walk to the line.


  • Social StoriesThe most common presentation style for social stories is text.

  • My World and Alice CollideWhat do all of our students no matter the ability level love to do?If text isn't the best way to present social stories then what is?What would happen in an ideal world?

  • The Real World

    In the past this is what they created: animation projects using Macromedia Flash that would stay in the confines of cyberspace never to be heard from again after assigned a grade.Are your classes much different?

  • The Real WorldWhat's so great about Mark Blacklocke's Programming Classes?Create animated social storiesMotivated to complete assignmentsImmediate product testing available with honest feed backBest Practices for all at work.

  • Exceptional ALICEWhile ALICE was written to be used in computer programming classes for one purpose its potential far outreaches the confines we have put on it. Much like our students.

  • ThanksSteve CooperRoxAnn StalveyMark Blacklocke and studentsMary RunyonThe Exceptional Wildcats