Excellent Advice When You’re Looking For Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement

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Transcript of Excellent Advice When You’re Looking For Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement

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Excellent Advice When You're Looking for Roof Repair or Roof Replacement


Dont Safety is a priority when roof repair is involved1You can get seriously hurt if you try to find or fix a leak during a storm2Put a bucket beneath the leak until it stops raining3Call a professional to climb up on your roof


Do When a leak is getting fixed1You need to be sure that the leak is stopped correctly the first time2This often means searching for other leaks while the initial spot is being fixed3Do check all around the problem area, because you might have a number of issue


Dont pay it all up front1Pay a portion of job upfront2Increase the probability that the job is completed quickly and professionally


Do get out the mower and trim the yard1Make it easier to find debris and nails that may hit the ground2Magnetic nail finders are also more efficient on short grass


Dont go it alone When selecting a roofing contractor1Consult your family, friends and colleagues for referrals2If they recommend someone, inquire about post-job cleanup and warranty3You may also check their Google+ reviews for additional insight


Do ask a lot of questions1Ask lot of questions before hiring him2How many nails do they use per shingle?3More than three to do the job well4Work and references5Consider the answers6If not, then find a better contractor option


Dont get on a roof you think might be structurally damaged1We hate to see homeowners on these high and steep roofs2Hire a professional to look at it for you3You dont want the roof to cave in under your feet


Do ask the roofing contractor how long theyve been roofing1The contractors that have been around for a while stay in business because they are doing things correctly2If they havent been in business for years, there may be a reason for that


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