Ewan Darby - Brand Protection and Management for Advertisers

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Europe 2010

Transcript of Ewan Darby - Brand Protection and Management for Advertisers

  • 1. Brand Protection and Management for Advertisers

2. A topical Question
3. A topical Question
4. A topical Question
Golf Digest
EA Sports
Tag Heuer
5. If you were Accenture...
Would you have dropped Tiger?
6. My Chairman puts it rather well...
Surely Tiger's decision to outsource sexual services to a range of competing providers is in line with Management Consultancy'sestablished best practice?Previously he had been tied to a monopoly Scandinavian supplier - with the cripplingly high social costs this usually entails.Moreover, given his wife's age, it ispossible that she wason thebrink ofbecoming a depreciating asset whoneeded tobe moved off the balance sheet as soon as possible. Admittedly he could have off-shored more - to girls from low-wage economies. But the arrangement where he could have anything from nil to three girlson call atany one time allows for better load-balancing,enabling him tohandlethe peaks and troughs of demand better than under the previous inflexible arrangement. By sourcing girls locally, he was also reducing distribution costs and helping the environment......while allowing him to adopt a best-of-breed approach to sexual delivery, rather than depending on a single source.
Source: Rory Sutherland Chairman Ogilvy Group UK
7. Im not suggesting for one minute that Affiliate marketing is like Mr Woods sexual proclivity...
But it is worth asking some questions...
What was Accenture trying to achieve?
Were they right?
What would you have done?
Are they right to protect their brand in this way?
8. Heres a thought
9. OK, let me put it another way
10. Heres a thought
Not technically a device
TV commercial costs 50c per household, per year
Is it of lesser value?
11. Heres a thought
How do we regard solutions that are beyond our expectations or outside our experience ?
Why do we regard those solutions as lesser value?
Are they of lesser value?
12. Just because we dont understand it doesnt mean its wrong
13. But then...
14. Whats that got to do with anything?
15. Distinguishing the good, the bad and the ugly
16. The opportunist
A quick ad word campaign during the hours of darkness
Its naughty, not nasty
17. A thin line - Spyware
Deliberate theft of traffic
Shrouded as something else
18. Not what you think
Pretending to drive traffic one way...
Not being completely open about all traffic sources
19. Trust
20. Trust
21. What have Nine Inch Nails got to do with it?
NIN distributed content from The Limitless Potential album for fans to remix
Remixes uploaded to NIN site
Tracks were free to download
22. Affiliate launch
Clients need to trust their agency, network and affiliate partners
Dubious activity will damage vulnerable new programmes
Ask the network, agency or client direct
Explain methods and implications
Give examples of how it works and with whom
23. A graph
24. A topical Question
25. Proper planning prevents poor performance
26. Protection from what?
Affiliates are not magicians
27. Protection from what?
28. Protection from what?
Paid search intrusion
Does it need to be prevented?
Is it a black and white issue?
Adware, malware and spyware
Where are the threats?
Do we know how it works?
Negative online PR
Blogs and forums
29. For a prize, name the band...
30. Further questions and comments