Evolution of AWIPS Jason Tuell Office of Science and Technology.

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Evolution of AWIPS Jason Tuell Office of Science and Technology

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Transcript of Evolution of AWIPS Jason Tuell Office of Science and Technology.

  • Evolution of AWIPSJason TuellOffice of Science and Technology

  • OverviewBackgroundCorporate Board directionImplementing actionsPreparations for FY08FY08 planning and actionsAlternatives for the near termSummary

  • BackgroundBriefing to Corporate Board Nov 2004Defined present state summary and challengesProposed formation of dedicated body to define what needs to be done nextCorporate board direction to form Programming Branch

  • Present State: Summary ChallengesHardwareFunding for 3 year hardware refresh cycle criticalLarge backlog in changes to site hw drawingsCommunications InfrastructureBandwidth for IFPS intersite coordination on WANBandwidth for new radar data on WANFunding for transition to new NWSNET WANTG must get by for at least 2 years with current architectureSoftwareToo many development organizations and environments for our current management structureToo Many Major Software ChangesMajor software installs take too longToo many uncoordinated development efforts going on concurrentlyToo many inconsistencies between user interfacesInadequate Documentation of Code BaseSoftware Architecture is unreliableDataTakes too long to get new data added to SBNimplement a new WAN data distribution method to supplement SBN

  • Present State: Summary ConclusionsHardwareAWIPS hardware is in good shapeNo critical deficienciesProduct improvement plan is in place, funded and on scheduleChallenges are manageable with existing resourcesCommunications InfrastructureAWIPS communications infrastructure is in OK shapeNo critical deficienciesProduct improvement plan is in place, partially funded and on scheduleChallenges are manageable with moderate infusion of resourcesSoftwareAWIPS software is in critical need of improvementsSome critical deficienciesNo product improvement plan is in place and no plans or funding to create oneSoftware development is un-sustainable at current paceChallenges are un-manageable without significant infusion of resourcesDataAWIPS Data is in need of improvementsSome deficiencies.Numerous outstanding field requirements not being met Product improvement plan is in place and partially funded but needs more funding for bandwidth increasesChallenges are manageable with moderate infusion of resources.

  • Corporate Board ActionNovember 2004Form dedicated office to address AWIPS IT services5-8 peopleFormulate an integrated product improvement planBuild roadmapManage enterprise so system shortfalls dont worsenIdentify staffing and deliverables

  • Programming BranchJason Tuell, SECDarien Davis, FSLRonla Meiggs, SECJoe Gofus, OHDMark McInerney, MDLPart timeCindy Woods, PPDChung Wu, SECFranz Zichy, SECV. Lakshmanan, NSSL

  • FY08 PreparationSONs defined for AWIPS evolutionInformation Architecture/data deliveryNeed for improved data base structures and data access, independent of local site dataVisualizationImproved, standard visualization architectureCollaborationInternal and external collaborationInformation generationConsolidation and expansion of technologies (GIS, XML, etc.)

  • AWIPS VisionServices Oriented ArchitectureDecoupling of data and applicationsDecoupling of data access and local data storageSeparation of applications from the infrastructure

    A secure, reliable, more flexible and sustainable system tailored to the needs of the field

  • FY08 PPBES Submitted budget for FY08-13Included increases to address re-architecture and new software development for LFWTech refresh profile largely unchangedLooking for opportunities in FY06-07Defining SOWs for tasks in FY06

  • Capability Outputs

    Note See backup slides #22 31 for ONE Outputs

  • Challenges in near termFunding increase isnt realized until FY08Foundation work needs to be done in next two years to prototype different conceptsEvolving concepts of operationNested services and demonstration in FY08

  • Alternative planningFocus on FY06, 07Focus of determining what is needed to support new concepts of operationGreat Lakes demonstration in FY08 (at least according to white paper and LFW PBA)Capabilities needed - our evaluationEnhanced collaborationImproved data deliveryOther supporting capabilitiesGrid algorithm toolkit

  • Enhanced CollaborationInitial Minimum CapabilityReal time exchange and visualization of common graphical objects (e.g., fronts, meteorological symbols, etc.) between applications, offices and national centersParadigm shift on collaboration and coordination

  • Data DeliveryInitial capabilityProvide real time remote access with auto update for non-local numerical model data

  • FY06 Objectives and TasksObjectiveDemonstrate static exchange and display of a set of common graphical objects between different systems (both AWIPS and NAWIPS)TasksDefine common graphical objects (XML)Enable display on AWIPS via prototype IGC rewrite via plug inDefine messaging agent for notificationGrid algorithm toolkit development

  • FY07Objectives and TaskObjectiveEnable enhanced collaboration via the real-time exchange and display of objects between systems and applications Enable real time remote access to numerical model dataTasksExpand XML definitions of common graphical objectsEnable real time notification and update on posted information, e.g., graphical objects or model dataGrid algorithm toolkit development

  • FY06 and FY07 ActivitiesMapping onto SONsInformation architectureReal time event notificationsRemote real time access to numerical model dataVisualizationPrototype of updated IGC and plug in conceptAddition of drawing capability for D2D, GFE (medium risk)Display of graphical objects on D2D, GFE and NAWIPSCollaborationExchange of graphical information between systems and applications

  • Near term milestonesFY06 SOWS due end of JulyFive year roadmap for AWIPS due to Corporate Board end of AugustAWIPS recompete award this summer

  • Re-architecture and the Re-competeProgramming branch working on the first parts of detailed planningRe-compete vendor to become integral part of the planning teamExecution will be joint Government and contractor activity

  • SummaryProgramming Branch formed to delivery detailed five year roadmap to Corporate BoardAddress critical AWIPS deficienciesFY08 PPBES inputs deliveredDetailed alternative planning for near term (FY06/07) underway