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EVITherM Ceramics and Glass Industries. Sarah Baxendale. EVITherM 17/5/04. Ceramics Industry Overview. b sections covered Sub-sectors covered Refractories Advanced / engineering ceramics Building Products Whitewares - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of EVITherM Ceramics and Glass Industries

  • EVITherMCeramics and Glass IndustriesSarah BaxendaleEVITherM 17/5/04

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Ceramics Industry Overviewb sections coveredSub-sectors coveredRefractoriesAdvanced / engineering ceramicsBuilding ProductsWhitewares

    Diverse applications within one industry leading to equally diverse requirements in some cases.Some areas thermal measurements vital, other areas very little requirement.

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Ceramics Industry Refractories

    Temperature range Ambient - 1600C

    Thermal Property Data Thermal conductivityData for heat transfer calculations Data for finite element analysis eg texp, tcond, thermomechanical props, emissivity, specific heat

    Training requirementsMeasurement of thermal conductivity, expansivity, emissivity and specific heat.Heat calculationsShortening of firing schedulesMeasurement of temperatureControl of temperature

    Most important offering of an internet siteReady access to thermal dataBest practice guide for heat transfer coefficient predictions

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Refractories BusinessesVesuviusDSF RHILafargeDysonLWBPlibricoThermal CeramicsHoganasNV Gouda VuurvastBurtonwerkeDr OttoMonoconParkinson SpencerMircotherm

    SEPRSt GobainSkamolRobert LickleyUnifraxHarbison WalkerMayertonVulcan RefractoriesHoben InternationalWonjinRescoCapital RefractoriesFosecoPyrotekInsulcon

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Ceramics Industry Advanced / Engineering CeramicsTemperature range Ambient - 1600CThermal Property Data Data for heat transfer calculations Thermal shock behaviour in relation to designDTA / TGAThermal conductivity

    Training requirementsThermal shock of advanced ceramics

    Most important offering of an internet siteThermal shock behaviour in relation to designReady access to thermal dataDatabase of recommended standards and referencesContactsLists of equipment suppliers

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Advanced / Engineering Ceramics BusinessesMorgan Advanced CeramicsFiltronic ComtekVZS SeagoeRoss CeramicsInternational SyalonsFairey Industrial CeramicsDynamic CeramicsPrecision CeramicsBNZCeramaspeedDunlopUnitec

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Ceramics Industry Building ProductsTemperature range - Approx. -10C - 40CThermal Property Data Thermal conductivity ( for thermal insulation calculations, CIBSE Guide)Thermal Expansion ( calculation of joint movement)

    Training requirementsThermal Imaging ( to examine heat losses)

    Most important offering of an internet siteThermal conductivity data

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Building Technology CompaniesBrick CompaniesIbstockHansonMarshallsBaggeridgeTheBrickBusiness


    Clay ProductsSt.GobainWeinerberger

    General ConstructionSkanska

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Ceramics Industry WhitewaresTemperature range - Approx. 10C - 1400CThermal Property Data Pyroplastic deformation ( model of shrinkage with firing schedule, reverse engineer)Thermal expansionThermal shock ( tiles)

    Training requirementsReduction in firing scheduleThermal mass calculationsChange in thermal properties due to use of recycled materials

    Most important offering of an internet sitePyroplastic deformation

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Whitewares CompaniesTableware TilesWedgwood JohnsonsSpodeBritish ceramic tilesAinsleyPilkingtonPortmeirionNorcrossFiggioMarazziRorstrandKalebodurSteelite Villeroy and BochDuralineCerebatiVilleroy and BochCarofranceLimogesPorcelonosaRoyal CopenhagenEuroceramicaIittaliaVista AllegraSanitarywareTwyfordsIdeal StandardArmitageImperialIDOIFOGroupo RocaSphinx Sanitec MetraShiresPorsgrunValaderas

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Ceramics Industry Committees and Organisations

    Institute of Refractory Engineers Institute of Materials wide range of boards and committeesBCPMMA British Ceramic Plant and Machinery and Manufacturers AssociationCeramic Industry Forum WhitewaresCERAMBritish Ceramic ConfederationCeram UnieECERSBICTA British Investment Casting Trade AssociationKIBT Knowledge and Innovations in Building Technology

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Ceramics Industry PublicationsInternational Ceramics Journal International Journal of Applied Ceramic TechnologyIndustrial Ceramics developmentAdvanced Ceramics ReportGlobal Ceramic Review The Refractories EngineerRefractories and Industrial CeramicsBritish Ceramic TransactionsBuildingClay TechnologyZiegel IndustryECERS MagazineMaterials World IOM3

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Glass Industry Industry OverviewGlass ProducersFlat glassContainer glassSpeciality / optical Fibre glassCrystal manufacturers

    Furnace designers

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Industry Requirements Primary Glass ProducersTemperature range - Furnaces operating to 1400 C - 1600C (depending on glass type produced)

    Thermal Property Data ( reliable, long term)Thermo-optical properties of glassesThermomechanical properties of glassesFire resistance of glassesMeasurements of redox state of glass at temperatureTemperatures measurements furnace and waste gas

    Training requirementsMeasurement of temperatureControl of temperatureRedox conditionsFurnace heat loss calculationsPyrometry background and limitationsThermal imagingTechniques for plotting wear of furnace lining against time and temperatures

    Most important offering of an internet siteGood practice guide on temperature measurement

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Businesses in Sector Flat Glass PilkingtonGuardian GlassQuinnOwens CorningSt GobainGlavabel (Asahi)

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Container Glass ManufacturersRexam GlassUnited Glass Beatson Clark Allied GlassRockwareStolzle FlacconageNewellArdaghThermosSchottArquesPyrex

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Speciality / Optical / TV Glasses and Fibre Glass Manufacturers

    Pilkington Speciality GlassesL.G PhillipsThales Optics

    PPG IndustriesOwens Corning

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Crystal ManufacturersCaithness GlassWaterford WedgwoodStuart CrystalDartingtonMaleras - SwedenEdinburgh CrystalHarzviller FranceTyrone CrystalArques

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Industry Requirements Furnace DesignersTemperature range - Furnaces operating to 1400 C - 1600C (depending on glass type produced)

    Thermal Property DataHigh temperature mechanical propertiesThermal expansion for furnace casings and refractories

    Training requirementsPyrometry background and limitationsThermal imaging

    Most important offering of an internet siteRefractory design properties

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Furnace Designers / ManufacturersTeco EuropeTeisen FurnacesNikolaus SorgRamcoBHFAdvanced Furnace TechnologyElectroglassEurofusionFosbelPenelectro

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Glass Industry Committees and Organisations

    Society of Glass Technology Various committees European Society of Glass TechnologyBritish GlassGlafo - SwedenCrystal Glass Manufacturers AssociationGlass Manufacturing Industry CouncilSociety of Glass and Ceramic DecoratorsTNO Glass Group

    EVITherM 17/05/04

    Glass Industry PublicationsGlass Technology Society of Glass TechnologyPhysics and Chemistry of Glasses Society of Glass TechnologyGlass Monthly Journal of European Glass IndustryGlass InternationalGlass Science and Technology German based, international editorial board

    Questionnaires will be used to identify things like: All the different waste streams created along the production route; instances where waste is currently re-cycled internally (likely to be before firing); where waste is exported; what waste streams give the producer the greatest problems and why.CERAM will approach Linden Consultants Ltd, a company that received EU funding to create a waste database for the West Midlands. The viability of placing advanced ceramic producer waste information on their data base (subject to member company permission will be discussed. If appropriate CERAM will create a new database that can be accessed by the CERAM web-site. CERAM will further promote the database to non-ceramic companies in the hope of matching ceramic waste with non-ceramic producer material needs.Use Jo-Anne Dawson the CERAM environmental officer to check on classification of potentially toxic waste and current / possible future legislation relating to it.