EV/HEV System Checklist - New Eagle ... Yasa P400 750 Remy HVH-250 HVH-410 UQM (inverter included)...

download EV/HEV System Checklist - New Eagle ... Yasa P400 750 Remy HVH-250 HVH-410 UQM (inverter included) PowerPhase

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Transcript of EV/HEV System Checklist - New Eagle ... Yasa P400 750 Remy HVH-250 HVH-410 UQM (inverter included)...

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    EV/HEV System Checklist

    November 2015

    Rev 2.1

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    Customer Information Name:




    Vehicle Information

    Type (e.g., Passenger, Commercial, Heavy Duty, etc.):

    EV, HEV or PHEV:

    Powertrain Architecture (Transmission, Parallel, Series):

    Gross Vehicle Weight:

    Performance Targets:

    General Application Comments:

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    Introduction The purpose of this checklist is to assist New Eagle in understanding the requirements of your application. The following sections list components and services relevant to electric and hybrid vehicles. New Eagle can supply the products and support for each of the items listed below. Please reference more detailed information available on our Product Wiki.

    1. EV/HEV Supervisor New Eagle offers proven EV supervisor software on production validated hardware options. The supervisor control

    module makes integrating electric vehicle system components easy and efficient. The EV Supervisor White Paper

    provides more details on this offering.

    A. Hardware New Eagle offers a variety of modules that are appropriate for a supervisor, depending on the resource requirements. New Eagle can help you select the appropriate controller for your application. Common choices are:

     MotoHawk® PCM-112

     Raptor® HCM-90

     Raptor GCM-196

    B. Software Depending on your development plan, New Eagle offers

    two options for providing the supervisor software.

    A. New Eagle Writes Software

    In the first option, New Eagle will customize the EV supervisor template according to your requirements. Source code is kept and

    maintained by New Eagle.

    B. You Write Software

    In the second option, you purchase and receive the EV supervisor template source code (this includes the project directory and MATLAB® Simulink® files). With the appropriate licenses, you can

    modify and customize the source code per your requirements; New Eagle can assist in development, if desired.

    C. Calibration Tool The supervisor controller will need to be calibrated to each

    application. New Eagle offers calibration tool options for

    both the Raptor and MotoHawk tool chains. Alternatively,

    New Eagle can create and maintain the calibration.

    Please comment on your desired

    Supervisor solution:


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    2. Electric Traction System The electric traction system provides electric propulsion to the vehicle and is comprised of an inverter and motor.

    The systems are offered in different sizes and with different cooling options. Please check out our Product Wiki for

    the most up to date offerings and technical information. New Eagle can assist you in the proper selection of a

    motor and inverter pairing.

    A. Motor New Eagle offers high efficiency and reliable electric motors from light to heavy duty applications.


     P400

     750


     HVH-250

     HVH-410

    UQM (inverter included)

     PowerPhase 55, 75 HiTor

     PowerPhase 100, 125, 135

     PowerPhase 220 HD


     GVM-210-xxx

    Inverter The inverter converts the DC provided by the battery

    pack to a regulate AC source for controlling the

    motor. New Eagle offers inverters that pair with the

    motors above.

    John Deere Electronics

     PD300

     PD400 Single/Dual

     PD550 Single/Dual


     Gen 4 Size 8

     Gen 4 Size 10

     HVLP 10/20

    Rinehart Motion

     PM100 DX/DZ

     PM150 DX/DZ

     PM250 DX/DZ

    UQM (included with UQM system)

    Please comment on your desired Motor


    Please comment on your desired

    Inverter solution:


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    3. Transmission/Gearbox Interface A transmission or gearbox is needed to interface with the

    electric traction system to deliver torque to the wheels.

    New Eagle has access to a

    variety of gearbox solutions

    including single speed and

    automatic transmissions for

    different vehicle classes

    and RWD/FWD configurations.

    4. DC-DC Converter A DC-DC Converter converts DC voltages from the HV

    battery pack to power the LV bus.


     2kW Liquid Cooled (400VDC to 12VDC)

    Bel Power

     4kW Liquid Cooled (400VDC to 12VDC or 24VDC)

     4kW Liquid Cooled (750VDC to 12VDC or 24VDC)

    5. HV Charger A HV charger is needed to charge the HV battery pack. The

    charger needs to be selected correctly based on the

    desired charging rate, available electric grid input, and

    battery pack voltage.


     3.3kW Liquid Cooled (400VDC)


     Configurable High Power Charging

    6. Grid Interface In order to safely connect to the electrical grid for charging of the HV battery pack, the system must meet certain charging standards.

     J1772 VPIM The New Eagle J1772 Vehicle Power Interface Module (VPIM) provides the necessary circuitry to interface the vehicle charging equipment.

    Please comment on your desired

    Gearing solution:

    Please comment on your desired DC-DC


    Please comment on your desired

    Charger solution:

    Please comment on your desired Grid


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    7. HV Battery Pack The HV battery pack is used to store energy to be

    consumed by the electric traction system. The complete

    battery pack must be carefully selected for the pack

    voltage, pack energy, pack mounting, and pack cooling

    method to fit the needs of the system.

    A. HV Battery Modules/Cells Electric and hybrid vehicles store energy in the form

    of battery cells. These cells can be lead-acid, lithium-

    ion, liquid metal hydride or others.

    New Eagle offers recommendations for battery cells,

    packs, and modules from a variety of different


    B. Battery Management System

    A Battery Management System is required in the

    battery pack in order to monitor the condition of the

    cells and calculate the available capability. New Eagle

    offers a BMS solution and a CAN interface

    specification to work with the supervisor.

    C. HV Power Distribution Unit

    The New Eagle Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

    provides a solution for electrical high voltage

    distribution. It is environmentally sealed and

    designed for multiple output configurations including

    fusing and accessory contactors. The PDU is designed

    to work with the supervisor

    controller. In some

    applications the

    PDU is included

    inside the battery


    Please comment on your desired HV

    Battery Pack and Distribution:

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    8. Display A. Custom/Embedded

    New Eagle offers rugged, programmable

    displays for the vehicle graphical user

    interface that come in touchscreen and

    color options from 2-7”.

    B. Android Tablet New Eagle offers a Bluetooth

    connection to the supervisor

    and custom Apps.

    9. HVAC Hybrid and electric vehicles require heating and air

    conditioning components that efficiently use energy from

    the battery to condition the cabin. New

    Eagle offers these components from

    Mitsubishi Heavy Instruments.

    A. Heater

    B. Air Conditioning

    10. Power Steering Assist Electric and hybrid vehicles require an electro-hydraulic

    pump to pressurize the steering rack to assist in steering

    the vehicle’s wheels. An electric rack can also be used.

    New Eagle offers both OEM LV pumps or a paired HV

    accessory motor and inverter driving a hydraulic pump.

    11. Brake Assist Brake assist is provided we a vacuum pump or an air

    compressor depending on the type of vehicle. New Eagle

    has OEM LV pumps for vacuum or a paired HV accessory

    motor and inverter driving an air compressor.

    12. Thermal System Cooling pumps are needed to circulate fluid through the

    various system components to keep them at an

    operational temperature. Depending on the system, an oil

    and/or glycol cooling loop will need

    to be considered. The thermal

    system needs to be designed to

    meet the vehicle duty cycle. New

    Eagle offers pumps from OEM or

    Engineered Machine Products.

    Please comment on your desired

    Display solution:

    Please comment on your desired HVAC


    Please comment on your desired

    Accessory Assist solutions:

    Please comment on your Thermal

    System solution:

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