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ABOUT US It’s amazing how much an image can say with a certain

pose. Boudoir photography should not be cheesy or cheap looking. It should be SEXY and SENSUAL and even EDGY and RAW – all the things that look amazing on a woman! My passion for boudoir photography started and bloomed with love for bridal photography. Knowing how to pose a person is a gift and with every boudoir session I challenge myself to become better and better.

My name is Evgenia and I am the gal behind the Evgenia Boudoir Photography brand. Being a New Yorker, I absolutely love black and white images and try to incorporate them into my portfolio as often as possible. Just like New York – your images will be trendy, unique, sexy, and one-of-a-kind. The boudoir session is an amazing experience and something that should be done at least once in a woman’s lifetime!

I am also very excited to tell you that I now offer couples boudoir photography as well. It’s such a fun and unique experience, and an amazing gift to a couple who want to take their relationship to the next level.

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MY BOUDOIR STUDIO A year ago, I opened my own boudoir studio in

Industry City, NY! I must admit, while I was excitedly exploring studio spaces, part of me was thinking, “What the hell are you doing? Aren’t you comfortable with your life now?” Back then, I was shooting boudoir sessions in hotels, and didn’t worry about overhead or an initial investment.

But I went ahead and chased my dreams! Once I signed the paperwork, I stood in my empty studio and wondered what I would want my second home to look like. I knew I’d want a space where I could do my own dream boudoir session. After many sleepless nights deciding how to create various backdrops in one space, my studio came to life! And yes, it took many wallpaper orders!

The moral of my story is: Never be afraid to take a leap of faith. Sometimes you need to lose sleep over things you love. Follow your dreams and never stop believing in yourself!

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TESTIMONIALS As a boudoir photographer in

NYC, I have the opportunity to meet many incredible women. I feel that my calling in life is capturing the uniqueness of every woman I have the honor to photograph. My favorite part is helping them learn to cherish themselves – to feel a deep sense of self worth and self love. There’s no better feeling as a photographer and as a fellow woman!

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As boudior photographer, I have one priority on the day of your shoot – and that’s to make you feel totally at ease! I call my studio the “judgment-free zone”. It’s a place where women of all ages, shapes and sizes wear and do whatever makes them feel their best. Just take a look at my boudoir gallery images and see for yourself…

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The undeniable connection. The incredible sexual chemistry. The true intimacy between two people in love. This is what couples boudoir photography means to me. Just take a look at the photos in this couples boudoir gallery below. Now can you see why many consider a couples boudoir session the ultimate date?

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MATERNITY BOUDOIR GALLERY I absolutely love working with

moms-to-be! Pregnancy plus boudoir equals the most empowering experience ever! The ability to bring a life into this world is certainly something to celebrate. When you take tasteful maternity boudoir photos, you’re showcasing the true power of your own body. Boudoir is the perfect way to capture and remember this special time in your life forever, as you can see from my maternity boudoir gallery!

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CONTACT US Address: 410 E 74th St Suite 3E, New York

City, New York, 10017, USA Contact Number: 646-236-4212 Email: [email protected] Website: http://www.evgeniaribinik.com/