“Everything Counts”

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“Everything Counts”. The East Central Equation. Championship People + Championship Players= Championship Program. We believe in a few things…. “Kaizen- Daily Improvements and Learning” “Maximize Your Potential” “All We Want Is All You Got” “Everything Counts”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ECCC Baseball

Everything Counts


The East Central Equation Championship People + Championship Players= Championship Program

We believe in a few thingsKaizen- Daily Improvements and LearningMaximize Your PotentialAll We Want Is All You GotEverything Counts

WE WILL COMPETE FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!Fundraising We will always present ourselves in a first class manner!Boston Butt cookingHomerun derbyFall and Summer Baseball CampsFirst pitch dinner

KaizenDaily Improvements and Learning

We expect 100% of our players to graduate

The ClassroomStudy HallAll new players start in study hallTwo times per weekObtaining a 3.0 GPA allows players to get out of study hall (minimum of one semester)

we want our academic success to be ranked nationallyOur goal is a team GPA of 3.0Academically ranked in the nation in 2010 and 20112010- Ranked 26th in the nation academically2011- Ranked 16th in the nation academically21 NJCAA All-Americans2012 Fall team GPA of 3.34

Success Centers

Dorm Life


Facilitiesmaximize your potential

This is where we swing it

we play in a strong mans league

Warrior Challenge Record65 squats with 225 lbs

We put it all together on the diamond


We are very thankful of the support we receive from our great community, our great school, and all of our great fans. We owe a great part of our success to our supporters. We can not accomplish the things we do without your continued support. With that being said, I would like to remind you of our team motto.Everything Counts

East Central BaseballWE ARE..