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A presenation on how we can be more effective disciples in our everyday lives,

Transcript of Everyday Discipleship

  • 1. Everyday Discipleship Mike Hayes Author, Googling God Associate Dir.Busted Halo Ministries

2. Outline

  • What is a disciple?
  • What keeps us from being a disciple?
  • What can help us on the road to discipleship?
  • Questions

3. Disciples

  • Peter denies Jesus thrice
  • Always seems to do the wrong thing
  • Jesus calls him Satan
  • Thomas doubts
  • James and John ask selfish questions
  • Mary Magdalene mistakes Jesus for the gardener!

4. Strange but true

  • Discipleship is not based on The Disciples
  • Discipleship is based on Christ

5. What is a disciple?

  • So
  • What kind of attributes does a disciple have?
  • We look to Jesus for a response

6. Scripture

    • If I, therefore, the master and teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash one another's feet. I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do.
    • -John 13: 14-16

7. 8. Trinity

  • God is beyond us (Father)
  • God is WITH us (Son, Jesus)
  • God is WITHIN us (Holy Spirit)
  • Rahner Infinite Horizon

9. Obstacles

  • Fear Me at BustedHalo
  • Hopelessness Elvira in Nicaragua
  • Doubt Mother Teresa
  • Failed Expectations Moses
  • Sin being Americans

10. Chureca - Managua 11. Ignatian Examen

  • Quiet space for 20 mins in presence of God.
  • Thankfulness one moment
  • Ask for asst. of Holy Spirit
  • Review your day
  • Heart to Heart with Jesus
  • Make amends and stay thankful
  • Our Father

12. What could help us become disciples?

  • Prayer whatever type works for you.
  • How to Pray on BustedHalo.com
  • SacredSpace.ie
  • Lectio Divina
  • MASS & Eucharist
  • Being honest with ourselves in the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Ask questions bh cast

13. What are we called to be? 14. Continued

  • In terms of choosing workwe need to ask ourselves
  • Like to do.
  • Like to read.
  • Who do you like to spend time with?
  • What makes you feel most alive.
  • None are accidents
  • Vocational Hard wiring

15. Continued

  • If you could do ANYTHING tomorrow when you wake upwhat would that be?
  • Checklist for zoning in:
  • Justice Whats fair?
  • Prudence Whats viable?Whats smart?Whats unrealistic?
  • Temperance Whats not selfish?
  • Fidelity remaining faithful to our present commitments.
  • Self-Esteem appreciate your uniqueness

16. Spend some time in service to the poor

  • In the neighborhood
  • In the parish
  • Outside your comfort zone
  • Nicaragua story Maria Delores

17. Fully Embrace All We Serve

  • Those closest to us
  • Those distant from us
  • All those who are hard to love
  • AMEN