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Transcript of EVERLIGHT MORAN Excellent Sealing Performance for Heavy ... · PDF file Our sealing foams meet...

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    Excellent Sealing Performance for Heavy-Duty Applications


  • EVERLIGHT MORAN is a high-quality, semi-closed cell EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber that provides outstanding sealing performance and has been specifically developed for heavy-duty applications.

    Thanks to its unique features, EVERLIGHT MORAN is particu- larly suitable for the following sealing solutions:

    Performance Profile • Sealing against liquids and moisture • Sealing against air and gas • Sealing against sound and vibration • Sealing against dirt and dust • Sealing against heat

    Processing EVERLIGHT MORAN can be easily processed using conven- tional technologies such as cutting, water jet cutting, die-cutting, adhesive bonding, and self-adhesive finish.

    Forms of Delivery EVERLIGHT MORAN is available as sheets and rolls with or without a self-adhesive finish, and as converted parts.

    Diverse Properties for a Wide Range of Applications

    Reliable Sealing Solutions

    Applications The hydrophobic EVERLIGHT MORAN is excellent for diverse applications:

    Automotive Industry • Dampers • Roof retainer seals • Window seals • Door deadenings • Gasoline tank deadenings • Door mirror sealants • Cushion for battery box covers • Cowl top sealers

    Construction Industry • Glazing seals • Sound insulation • Roof tiles • Ventilation and air conditioning installations • Frame seals • Sanitary installations

    Equipment and Machinery Industry • Washing machines • Dryers • Dishwashers • Refrigerators • Air conditioning systems • Vending machines

    Product Net density*


    DIN EN ISO 845

    Compression load deflection*


    DIN EN ISO 3386-1

    Compression set* [%]

    JIS K6400

    Tensile strength


    DIN EN ISO 1798

    Elongation at break


    DIN EN ISO 1798

    Burn rate (10 mm)


    FMVSS 302

    Burn rate (3–12.7 mm)

    UL94 HBF


    [hours/ pressure ratio]

    U-tube test 100 mm

    EVERLIGHT MORAN #930 49 1 21 57 209 - - 24 h / 80 %

    EVERLIGHT MORAN #830 91 3.8 22 69 253 ≤ 100 OK 24 h / 80 %

    EVERLIGHT MORAN #730 117 4.8 23 87 277 ≤ 100 OK 24 h / 70 %

    * The data provided refers to typical values. In general, specifications include minor deviations. Please contact your local sales employee at FoamPartner for the corresponding product sheet with the latest technical product information.






    Cooperation between FoamPartner and Bridgestone

    FoamPartner and Bridgestone jointly distribute EVERLIGHT MORAN in Europe* and the Americas*. EVERLIGHT MORAN has been established for 20 years on the Japanese market.

    * selected countries.

    Product Benefits

    Air- and watertight thanks to its fine-pored, semi-closed cell structure with reliable performance

    Climate- and weather resilience ensure high resistance to heat and cold, moisture, ozone, UV radiation, and chemicals

    Easy handling thanks to a soft foam structure with unique material flexibility

    Modern material stabilization that is low-migration, halogen- and tar-free


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    Self-adhesive surface finish

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    Headquarters: FoamPartner Switzerland AG Oberwolfhauserstraße 9 CH-8633 Wolfhausen P +41 55 253 64 64 Mail specialties@foampartner.com www.foampartner.com

    Global Presence


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    Sites: Europe FoamPartner Germany GmbH, Duderstadt, Germany FoamPartner Converting Center GmbH, Duderstadt, Germany FoamPartner Leverkusen GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany FoamPartner Delmenhorst GmbH, Delmenhorst, Germany Kureta GmbH, Stadtallendorf, Germany Frina Mousse France SARL, Wittenheim, France Büttikofer AG, Gontenschwil, Switzerland Americas FoamPartner Americas, Inc., Rochester Hills MI, USA FoamPartner Americas, Inc., Piedmont SC, USA FoamPartner Americas, Inc., Greer SC, USA Asia-Pacifi c FoamPartner Polyurethane Materials ( Changzhou ) Co., Ltd., China FoamPartner Trading ( Shanghai ) Ltd., China FoamPartner Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore



    Business Segment Specialties FoamPartner is a leading producer and converter of best- in-class foam solutions for technical and comfort applica- tions. With a broad range of over 200 specialty foams, we are a customer-focused, innovative partner for the auto- motive, manufacturing, and bedding industries.

    With 14 sites in the three most important economic regions of Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific, and over 1,100 employees, we combine global expertise with local entrepre- neurial drive to create value for our customers.

    FoamPartner is structured into five global business segments: Acoustic & Thermal Solutions, Automotive Rolls, Systems, Specialties, and Living & Care.

    The Segment Specialties The GBU Specialties is one of the most versatile segments within FoamPartner, providing manifold products and custom- ized foam solutions for demanding technical and industrial applications.

    Thanks to many years of experience in the market and exten- sive know-how in foam production and processing, we are able to develop tailored products and innovative solutions for a variety of applications. From sponges for professional and household cleaning, polishing pads for paint treatment or seal-

    FoamPartner Group

    ing, and ceramic filter foams for metal processing to packaging systems for the watch and jewelry industry, we understand our customers’ needs today and anticipate future trends and re- quirements.

    Sealing Solutions Sealing foams are used in many different sectors, including the automotive, appliance, and construction industries. Their main purpose is to protect equipment or machinery against liquid and volatile compounds such as water, moisture, gases, and fine particles, which could leak or penetrate into the sys- tem. In such cases, innovative materials are a must.

    Our sealing foams meet the latest requirements and adhere to the highest standards. In addition to having extremely fine pores, they are both air- and watertight, easy to compress, and offer excellent sealing properties in even the most de- manding conditions.

    * Air- and watertight, climate- and weather resilient, easy handling, modern material stabilization