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Image samples from my events that range from large scale (100,000+ attendance) to smaller, more intimate events (120 attendance).

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  • 1. Cassie Craven 1903 Anjaco Rd. Atlanta, GA 30309 cassi7lee@gmail.com (p)404-200-3079 www. vizify.com/cassiecraven 1 stockard wedding ama summit 2013 epic holiday party sports illustrated and kodak nerf dart tag league recommendations

2. 2 ama summit 2013 3. 3 ama summit 2013 4. 4 ama summit 2013 5. 5 epic holiday party 6. 6 sports illustrated / kodak 7. 7 nerf dart tag league 8. 8 stockard wedding 9. 9 stockard wedding 10. 10 Social Media Coordinator Team Epic Brad Epstein Senior Marketing Manager at Team Epic Cassie's passion and knowledge for the social media space is unmatched in our agency. Her drive to stay ahead of the curve and to keep up with the latest trends has proven to be a valuable asset to our clients and our own social media team. Her appetite to learn and share everything there is to know about the emerging world of digital marketing is a great skill that every young marketer should embrace. March 27, 2013, Brad managed Cassie indirectly at Team Epic Ashlee Woods Merchandise Marketing Manager at S.P. Richards Cassie is a creative, outside the box thinker and hard worker who utilizes her skills as effectively as possible to achieve efficient results. She is growing in the social media arena and has become very knowledgeable in the field through both her personal and professional experience. Cassie is very self-motivated and has taken the initiative to teach herself various skills outside of her roles and responsibilities. February 22, 2013, Ashlee worked with Cassie at Team Epic Donald Dahl Event & Industrial Designer at Team Epic Cassie Craven is one of the most knowledgeable persons in the realm of Social Media and her expertise has helped developed Vivid/Team Epic social media initiative from relative nothing to a competitive expert in social media tactics for events and experiential marketing projects. She continues to lend her expertise, guidance and management by being one of the founding members of the Social Media committee at Vivid/Team Epic collectively. January 11, 2013, Donald worked directly with Cassie at Team Epic recommendations 11. 11 Wedding Planner Self Employed Lauren Stockard Administrative Assistant Cassie Craven was an integral contributor in every part of mine and my husband's recent wedding on September 22, 2012. It was clear that we were going hire Cassie as our wedding coordinator from the moment we got engaged. She helped with every aspect of our wedding and was always there when we needed anything. She not only handled the guest lists, table settings, venue decor, vendor contracts, and many other important details, but she also kept me and my husband organized with our tasks and time lines to ensure our wedding would be what we wanted. Cassie blew everyone away on the day of the wedding. Her management skills were exemplary! She orchestrated everything wonderfully. Cassie decorated the venue and worked with the vendors (dj, bartenders, caterers...etc.) in setting everything up for them as well. My husband and I didn't have to worry about a thing the day of the wedding and we got nothing but compliments from the vendors on what a pleasure it was working with Cassie. The wedding day was better than my husband and I could have ever imagined because of Cassie and her amazing event planning and coordinating skills. Without hesitation, I would recommend Cassie as an event planner for any occasion! February 11, 2013, Lauren was Cassie's client Sam Stockard Human Resources Administrator at Airgas I have known Cassie for right about a year. She is helping to organize my and my fiance's wedding plans. She is an ideal organizer, full of creativity and new ideas of how to approach any topic at hand. She has become to close friend of mine and has always exemplified all key attributes anyone would look for both in a professional and personal setting. She is always up beat and the center of all planning, she seems to embrace these roles naturally and puts all her heart into everything she does! January 20, 2012, Sam was Cassie's client recommendationsrecommendations