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2. DEMOGRAPHICSThe age group I focused on for my music magazine was between 16 to 25 years old (teenagers-young adults).From my focus group, most people involved were males. 3. WHY I CHOSE THEMThe reason why I chose this specific age group and gender is because I fall into this category.I figured this would make it easier to know what people in this age group would want in a music magazine. 4. WHY I CHOSE THE ROCK GENREI chose it because it is a genre of music I enjoy listening to and thought it would be the easiest genre for me, considering I know about it.One question in my survey was do you like the colour scheme. I designed it to match a rock style, so if people liked it, they should like the rock genre. 5. MY TARGET AUDIENCE 6. These are the kind of people that I am using as my target audience.Most people like those in the photos love going to concerts to see their favourite bands. Some might play instruments or sing themselves and use their favourite bands as idols.In my magazine I have used people who these fans can easily relate to, making them more likely to buy the magazine.