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  • 1. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

2. It was important for me to establish who my market was for our film trailer and poster was, as market research enabled me to identify my target consumer, find out what they think about my ideas in order for me to gather an insight into helping me target the right market. Through research and planning, I established the fact that most stalker/slasher films begin with an age restriction of 16 years old. Therefore in order for me to conform to real media films, I too aimed my trailer towards 16-18 year olds. 3. One form of target market research was Survey Monkey. This method of producing quick and easy research was highly effective as once I created the survey, I had to email it to my peers and other 16-18 year olds so i could see what was expected from the 'Slasher' genre in order for me to make my work as realistic as possible. From the results, I found that most or my target audience expected to see blood and for the antagonist to conceal their identity by using a mask for example. 4. . . Blood, mass murder Horror, expecting the unexpected A mask, dark clothing and a bat 5. . . . We subverted from real media conventions as many American slasher films use a semi detached house in a small, quiet town. We felt that this was too common and decided to use a school as our location due to its larger scale. It also fits in with the plot. 6. With some of the answers I got from survey monkey, I included them within my post As almost 98% expected blood to be on the poster so that audiences could Identify what sort of a genre the film would be, I conformed to real media posters an Combined both my target market research along with it. Blood 98% Knives 2% From experience, what do you expect to see on a slasher/stalker film poster? 7. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Red black Grey White Orange Blue Yellow What colours do you associate the genre with? 20 10 15 12 15 20 What should the slashers costume contain? Knife Saw Bat Hockey stick Chainsaw What props should the Slasher use? 8. Does the font establish what type of genre the poster is? Do the backgrounds work well together with the main image? Yes, the grey background on the left hand side has hints of blood in it which correlates to the plot of the trailer and makes it look interesting What do the two faces merged together represent? I think it suggests that the two people are linked together, however the girl looks innocent as there is a lot of light on her face, whereas the male appears to be in her shadow and therefore may I think that the title Molly has been conveyed well with the use of font as the ends are sharp and look similar to a knife which suggests to me that it may be about murdering someone 9. Do the sell lines work? Yes, the free poster included sell line is really effective as it promotes the trailer and links with the main image and headline so the readers are always aware of the film. The banner at the bottom is also effective as it stands out and informs the readers of what else is available, making the magazine more diverse which all real film magazine contain.What do you think about the use of fonts and colour scheme? The colour scheme is basic with black, white and red which is useful as the magazine is a slasher edition and it refers to blood and darkness so it works well with the theme. What do you think about the background and main image? The background is really unusual and links with the trailer as it suggests that the main image model may be the slasher which is also represented through the shadow effect on half of his face. 10. Overall, I think that my audience research was extremely helpful in creating a film poster, magazine front cover and trailer as the constructive criticism given, aided me in achieving a realistic media product. I used many methods in obtaining this research such as surveys, questionnaires and interviews. This was effective as I got different responses from each research methods which improved my work vastly. I also learnt that although I think an idea may be good, others may disagree which taught me to take criticism in a positive light.