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Evaluation Q5: How did you attract/address your audience?

Evaluation Q5: How did you attract/address your audience?

Front CoverIn my music magazine, I used a main image of two band members wearing casual rock/indie clothing (hoodie and flannel shirt) against a black background. I think this would appeal to my target audience, as the band members are wearing clothes that young people wear; fans can relate to how the band members present themselves (from fashion/style sense).

My colour scheme and text could attract my audience, as I used a bold font, and put text in boxes to make it easy for my target audience to read. I also put a competition WIN tickets to warped tour 2016! as I want to allow some interaction between my magazine and my target audience.

The two band members on the front cover are making eye contact, as direct address to the audience. This would encourage readers to buy it, as contact is made/implied.

ContentsTo make my contents page stand out, I put a red line down the left hand side of the page; I feel like it stands out and is eye catching.

I included two photos at the bottom of the page to give some insight to the artist and music industry. This also attract the audience as they could recognise the artist in the image, and can identify that its a music magazine from the mixing desk (bottom right photo).

Ive also put the masthead at the top left; it would allow the audience familiarise themselves with the magazine.

There is a review box, and a Producers Cut section as synergy; this could attract my audience who have an interest in the film industry.

Double page spread

The large quotes stand out from the article text; this would catch the readers eye. The large main image on the right side of the page is striking, and this is emphasised with the black background. I wanted to put all the focus on the main image.I think that my layout, makes it easy for my target audience to read. I put the article on the left side, in columns, because we read from left to right.

Inspiration for front cover

These two magazines NME and Q Magazine influenced the composition and style of my front cover. The anchorage text on my magazine was influenced by these magazines; putting the text at the side, overlapping the image. This allowed fans of the band/artist to easily read the text and know what to expect in my magazine.

InspirationMost of my ideas came from looking at NME, Q, and UNCUT magazine, as these magazines had a similar target audience to mine. I think the house style, bold fonts, and bold colours the magazines (NME, Q, UNCUT) use are simple, but effective.

The main shapes I used throughout the magazine are circles, boxes and also lines. This would be part of the house style of my music magazine. I feel like this would give my magazine an identity, and would make it easy for my target audience to identify.