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How did you attract/address your audience?

How did you attract/address your audience?

Front Cover

The masthead makes use of the bold red colour which attracts the audience as its a bold colour. Furthermore the font used is considered to be quite urban, providing a paint/spray paint effect which relates to the context of the genre which appeals to the audience. The size of the masthead is significantly large compared to the other features upon the page which induces the visibility furthermore its ability to attract the audience and it is placed on top of the image so it can be easily seen. The image used is of an artist who is smiling. I had to make the smile genuine to make the image work as that is the only part of her being seen properly, in doing so the audience are attracted to the welcoming smile as it puts across a cheery mood furthermore it can be seen as a flirtatious smile to appeal to males so they can find out more about why shes smiling so convincingly inside the magazine. The females would aspire to become like the artist as she's confident to be put upon a front cover and give such a convincing smile which emphasises the role model effect, additionally her ethnicity is challenging the norm as not many Asian ethnicities are seen upon covers and so this will appeal to the existing but more quiet audience who fall into this category. The main cover line and straplines appeal to the audience because they get to read about information which they would be interested in such as the greatest hip hop breakthroughs which brings up past songs and artists that they can remember and talk about socially with friends which makes the magazine all the more appealing. Also a recent upcoming artist as the main cover line is used to attract them instantly as it takes up quite a proportion of the page and they at least heard of the artist so it will prompt a cue to find out more about the artist by wanting to read about her which may lead to buying the magazine. The strap line of the magazine will attract the audience almost instantly as its directly below the big masthead so the eye will catch it straight away. The fact its THE WORLD of hip hop being included in the magazine just goes to show that the audience are getting value for their money because it covers the whole culture of hip hop in this magazine. The price of the magazine takes into account prestige pricing due to the new approach of the magazines content but it makes the audience feel as if they are buying quality and so they know the content will be good and they can also be proud of the magazine they own when socializing which in turn would get more readership if the same topics are being discussed.

Contents PageThe masthead for the contents page is similar to the front page which makes sure the magazine is consistent, the audience picking up on this consistency will allude to the fact that this must be a professional magazine an so they are getting moneys worth especially with the above average price tag.The text uses colloquial terms which the target audience can relate to and so reading the contents will become all the more interesting if they can understand the expressing terms they themselves use. To further attract the reader, the main title of each page is in bold in order to make it stand out as to what each page includes additionally the page number is also in bold to help the reader locate the whereabouts of the content is which appeals to them as its easy to use. The number is also in a different colour which is conventional to help distinguish the text from the numbers and show clearly the location.The layout is unique in the sense that it has not been seen in a conventional music magazine before, this alone attracts the audience as its something they haven't come across before which makes it more interesting to read which appeals to them. The layout is set this way to induce the clarity of the information on the page which makes it easier on the eye for the reader which in turn appeals to them because they read a magazine presumably when they are trying to relax and anything to help provide that sense of unwinding is appealing.One of the pages also consists of the audiences feedback which will increase public relations and appeal to the audience as they feel involved in the magazine since its launch therefore the appreciation for their support via these pages will attract the audience with a sense of involvement.

Double Page Spread

The pull out quote attracts the audience as it is very dominant across the two pages seeing as it takes up the majority of the space therefore the audience can almost immediately notice it. Further because it is in relation to the article as its a quote, the audience would want to know what is going to make her say this, which would attract the audience into reading the article. The image would appeal to the audience because it is not what they would usually see in a conventional magazine because it has been graphically altered to provide a mesmerizing effect which lures the audience in as its an interesting picture of the artist. As well as this, it catches the artist in action in a studio performing a task which shows followers of that specific artist that she is working hard to get where she is which appeals to them as their motivation is not going unheard.

The other images will appeal to the audience as they are exclusive to the magazine which provides the reader with a personal insight upon the artist so they feel all the more valued as an audience. These pictures of the artist also show her in a more relaxed natural state which also provides a further insight to the artist to some extent, that of which the reader feels privileged to see furthermore it reduces the amount of text information on the page as from my audience research I have found out that visual information is more appealing to the target audience e as its more interesting. The text article appeals to the audience as it is written in a questions and answers form which from my research proved the most favoured type of article to read for the audience as it breaks down the information into chunks. Furthermore the audience wanted an interview with an upcoming artist which is why I chose the same artist as the front cover as its conventional to have them on a double page spread. The handwriting text also appeals to the audience because it makes the double page personal as its like the artist herself has signed it showing she approves of everything that has been said so the audience know they can trust the information given by the magazine which may lead to further sales if the magazine is trustworthy and also provide a base for a reputation.