Evaluation Q5

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Transcript of Evaluation Q5

Who would be the audience for your media product?

We gave the media product an age certification of 12A, therefore our target audience would primarily be late teens. This is due to the content of the product as it doesn't contain a lot of violence and graphic scenes to be targeted above this age group. When we created a questionnaire, we handed it out for people to complete. The results mostly came back from late teens which gave us the idea for marketing our media product to that age group due to the interest they gave in films.

The similar product Who framed Roger Rabbit has an age rating of PG, therefore it is likely that people of the same age group would have watched this film. Even though this film is more open to who can watch it, it has similar features to our media product in that there is a murder victim and there are false accusations. However, we did not provide the same age rating because this film contains child-like humour as cartoons are used as well as humans which makes it more appropriate for the younger ages whereas our media product focuses on the murder.

Similarly to other media products with the same age rating, they dont contain large amounts of graphic and uncomfortable scenes and our media product wouldn't be suitable for young children because of the brief intolerable scenes that happen during the flashback. Furthermore, the results from the questionnaire showed that crime/murder mystery films were what people wanted to see, therefore we took this on board and created a media product based around that genre that targeted the late teen age group due to them being the most interested in them.