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Evaluation Question 5

Evaluation Question 5Q5. How did you attract/address your audience?

The audience is addressed as a third person viewing whats happening from an outsider point of view rather than being involved more with the characters in the opening scene.This is because we didnt want the audience to become attached with the characters just yet due to one of the characters dying and we wanted the other character (the killer) to seem creepy and villainous to begin with to create more mystery surrounding her.We used long shots and over the shoulder shots rather than point of view shots to portray this;

My thriller opening would be more attractive and appealing to people aged 15 and over.This is because me and my group decided to make it quite scary and make the killer (Amanda) look really frightening, which made it specific to our target audience of over 15s.An example showing this from the opening scene is shown below.

Another way we attracted an older audience is through the use of non-diegetic and diegetic sound. We used suspenseful non-diegetic music throughout the building up of the murder, but as soon as the empty woods and Amanda were shown, we decided to have an eerie silence aside from their own voices and other diegetic sounds, e.g. footsteps.We also used diegetic sound to make it creepier. We did this by having Amanda singing the childrens nursery rhyme, Ring a ring a roses. This made the scene significantly scarier.

A final way we attracted an older audience is by the use of the setting.It starts off in a safe setting (bedroom) with bright, warm colours and by changing it abruptly to a deserted, darker setting as the character leaves her house creates a more tense and scary atmosphere.The use of the abandoned woods also made it more daunting as it looks a lot creepier and would be too scary for kids.