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1. How did you attract/address your audience? 2. There are different features of my magazine I used to attract my audience. 3. Masthead My masthead is attractive to the target audience because it is similar to this title below. Basing it around this, allowed me to follow a certain colour scheme as such and so people can relate folk punk as a black and white and a traditional looking font. This is the style what my audience is expecting and so to match their expectations, I believe attracts them to my magazine. 4. Photograph(s) My photographs I took attracted my target audience to the magazine because some of my pictures show people sat and practising music. My reader profile says to sitting and writing music and this particular image matches this exact quote, with the lad practising music. 5. Colours The colours in my masthead match the colour scheme of other folk punk magazines as shown above in the masthead bullet point. My magazine also has green colours on it matching the connotations we have for the folk genre. This addresses the audience who expect to see this in folk magazines, and through meeting their expectations, I am more likely to attract consumers for my magazine. 6. Layout My layout matches what you would expect from a music magazine. For example, title in the top left of the page, main image in the foreground towards the left, quote on the left, clear name of the artist See the similarities below: 7. Layout Through having a layout that people expect from music magazines, it makes my magazine look more professional to the customer, as because it meets their expectations, it appeals to them, because the layout can make the magazine look tidier and this is important for making sales because the appearance is what draws the consumer in. I effectively do this by following the layout that is expected in all music magazines. 8. Price 9. Price The price attracts the audience because it is cheap compared to other music magazines for example, from newsstand you can buy music week magazine for 6.91. 10. Other attractive features From my video interviews, one of the people I interviewed said that they sit at home and write songs and so I decided that it was a good idea to have a song writing feature of my magazine, where individuals could get help from professionals on how to write songs. 11. How did I address my audience? An example of how I addressed my audience through my magazine was how in my reader profile it says how my reader has a sense of community life and has an outdoor lifestyle. This was addressed in my magazine through my advertisement of the Cambridge folk festival, an outdoor festival targeted at the folk community. 12. How did I address my audience? This addresses both points stated in my reader profile because my reader at the festival are outside and are getting the opportunity to socialise with other folk fans, therefore by the use of advertising, this addresses 2 key points of my reader profile.