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1. Question 6 What have you learnt about technologies through the process of construction this product? 2. What I have learnt Photoshop is a photo editing software that I used to make the logo for the company Prezi is an interactive presentation software which was brand new to me as I had heard of it prior to the course. I have used this for my contextual analysis and for a question in my evaluation . 3. Apple Apps iMovie is an app made by Apple that I was familiar with before the course and I used this to make a practice trailer for the film. However the titles were all the same and couldn't be manipulated to how we wanted Garage band is another app made by Apple and I was also familiar with this however we need editing software for music and this literally allowed you to play the instrument on your device. Having no musical talent what so ever, I couldn't do this. 4. Programmes we used We used Mixcraft as I was familiar with it from years lower down school. We decided to use this as it allowed us to manipulate soundtracks to how we wanted more accurately than GarageBand Premier pro and after effects also allowed us to edit titles and put our films clips together more accurately than others. We could also add special effects to the clips such as lowering the light levels etc. 5. Blogger Blogger is a website that I had used before however to limited effect. Blogger is associated with Google and allows people blog posts on their own personal profile. Blogger has been vital towards my A level studies, not only because it contains my entire foundation portfolio but because it has allowed me to post my work in chronological order making it easier for me to document each piece of work I do. You can upload PowerPoint using embed codes; this has proven extremely useful to me as I share work easily and quickly.