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1. To attract my target audience to my magazine, I used a number of features I thought would be effective. I had seen similar layouts/features in magazines such as Kerrang! And NME, which share a similar target audience, so I used these as inspiration as my audience would be familiar with this type of design. 2. I used a sticker feature advertising a free music download. My target audience would be attracted to this, as they are young and most likely to own a device such as an iPod or iPhone where this would be useful. I used the titles of some popular alternative bands to attract my readers. The words NEW and SECRET also imply that my readers will get an insight into knowing the latest information, so will want to read more inside. I added some posters on the front cover to attract my readers. As my audience are quite young, they are likely to want to decorate their bedrooms with posters of artists they love, so with my magazine, they could be enticed by these images. By using the word ULTIMATE my readers will think that this magazine will provide them with all the tips to get concert tickets at a good price, and as they are young, and most likely unemployed (so wont bring a wage home), they can still get to the gig but without breaking the bank of mum/dad. These artists at the bottom strip of my magazine are likely to attract my readers. My target audience are likely to be huge fans of these bands, so by reading this, they will see that my magazine appeals to them in that it holds articles that they will want to read. My mastheads main colour is purple, which is eye catching and bold. It is likely to attract my target audience as this colour is quite often linked to the style of music that they enjoy, on CD covers, and on the style of clothes they are likely to wear. The black and white theme I have also used is again striking and will attract the readers further. 3. Like shown on the front cover, I have again include a FREE music download as a stand out feature. I also included a shot of the song they can download, as this will appeal to the readers who are fans of my featured artist. I included a feature enabling my readers to win tickets to a prestigious music festival- Download. This is a well known event to fans in the alternative scene, so will excite my reader at the fact they may be able to win these expensive tickets just by reading my magazine By adding a band index, my readers can see exactly what bands are included In the magazine, and the ones that appeal to them. In my questionnaire before making the product, many people said that they benefit from this feature as they get a quick preview of the magazine straight away. My readers will get the chance to subscribe, and receive INTENSITY for 1 per issue, this way they can stay up to date with the latest news without having to splash out. This is a popular feature included in many magazines that I have researched including NME. This poster spectacular featured will attract my readers, as they will believe this is a special issue of the magazine and that they would miss out if they didnt read it. Like I said in the previous slide, my readers are likely to be young and interested in covering their room with posters, so this will appeal to them as they can use their favourite bands to do so. This easy layout enables my readers to find out exactly what is included in my magazine, so they can get straight to the point right away. This will attract the readers as they wont have to spend time trying to search for what articles they want to read. 4. I have kept my colour scheme consistent, using mainly greyscale and purple. These colours are associated with grunge and alternative music, so will attract my readers in an aesthetic way. Making sure they know that this is the best magazine for them The title font I used is quite eroded and distorted which can reflect the style of music portrayed in my magazine. This will attract my readers as it mirrors the target demographic and what they are interested in. By providing my readers with a code to receive the featured artists new single for free, my readers will be attracted as they will feel my magazine offers the best exclusive deals and provides them with great extras such as posters and music. This will make them attracted to my particular magazine, as not many existing magazines do this on a regular basis. The photographs I included in this article will attract my readers, as I feature a young female artist of a similar age to my target audience. This will entice my audience to read this, as they may feel they can relate to the article. Furthermore, my using the word EXCLUSIVE, my readers will feel they are updated and are the first to hear this news, so will believe my magazine offers the latest news and gossip-providing them with an insight to this music genre.