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1. How did you attract/address your target audience? Jimmy Sodiya 2. I used basic colours on my magazines front page. This simplistic look is portrayed as being sophisticated but yet laid back as some of my target audience are. The models poses exudes confidence and conveys that he has nothing weighing him down. 3. I avoided cluttering my contents page with images and text. I did this because when there is too much text they tend to get bored and just skip through pages so the little visual and text clutter appeals to teenagers and young adults. 4. I used contrasting colours, black and white because they stand out and compliment each other. This makes the text more noticeable and easy to read and creates the feeling of simplicity. Also I used these colours because it was the most voted for colour scheme by my target audience. 5. In all my images I didnt want the models to be looking directly into the camera. They may be facing in the general direction of the camera but not directly at the camera. I decided on this to give the reader a greater feel of involvement in the magazine but to also create greater idolism towards the models. I also used a smart/casual dress code. I did this to give the target audience a greater connection with the artists.