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1. Evaluation Q5How did you attract/address youraudience? 2. These will appeal to my target audience because: Plug competitions always draw people in. An opportunity is an opportunity! Reviews my focus group were persistent on this Upcoming gigs such a variety of artists that it must appeal to someone! New bands Again this was requested by my focus group Hot list feature that will appeal to boys and girls Main image direct mode of address (looking right at camera) relates to headline Artist interviews considered most important element by my target audience Guitars reference to my target audience (people who play musical instruments) Social media (twitter, Facebook) majority of my target audience will use these sites Subscription Focus group liked them, cheaper and you get a free gift! Upcoming albums featured in my DPS for my cover artist Editors note gives audience an insight Feedback article relates to what focus group said on letting the readers contribute to the magazines content. 3. Audience FeedbackBefore proceeding to the next slide. PLEASE WATCH FOURVIDEOS BELOW I found four people who I knew and fitted the criteria of mytarget audience. They were four girls, all aged 16-17 and theyall liked the genre of my music magazine, country.I sat them in front of a computer with my magazine front coverdisplayed, and I asked them various questions regarding theirfondness of the cover and if they would buy it. I also askedthem questions based on the questionnaire I did in pre-production which I made reference to in Question two of myevaluation.Please watch these four videos and there will be a slidefollowing it summing up all the ideas and thoughts given fromthis audience feedback and how my music magazine attractsand addresses the target audience 4. ConclusionAs you can see in the videos, all four people of my target audience had good things to sayabout my music magazine. They all found the headline and the main image to be the mosteye-catching conventions on the cover, which is what I was aiming for with my musicmagazine as in the pre-production questionnaire, the majority of the participants said the artistinterviews, technically the headline, was the most important element of the front cover.Furthermore, they all said they liked the colour scheme and they felt that the colours contrastand compliment each other, allowing for every single element on the page to be seen. Thisrelates back to my questionnaire as it was my target audience that chose the colourscheme, and now different members of my target audience are now identifying that the colourscheme works for thee genre of my music magazine. The fact that they all said that the covermakes it obvious that its a country music magazine just shows that I reflected my targetaudiences needs as well as using stereotypes that relate to the country music genre, whichoverall make it distinctive, unique and stand out from other music magazines. All in all, I amvery happy with how my target audience has helped me choose certain aspects of mymagazine, from the questionnaire in pre-production, but what pleases me is that they canidentify how and why their choices reflect the sub-genres of my music magazine (country, folketc). This subject was brought up in my focus group recording while asked about how much areader should contribute to the magazine. All my participants agreed on the fact that amagazine needs customer input or it will not fulfil its aim of appealing to their target audience.In my audience feedbacks, I also asked my four participants if they would buy my musicmagazine. I didnt get this on film, but they all said yes due to the fact that its right up theirstreet in terms of genre, and it suits them as their isnt any specialist music magazines forcountry music. So the unique quality and specific context of my magazine is another reasonwhy my target audience may buy it. On a final note, my magazine will not have anycompetition in the industry as there is nothing else like it.