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  • 1. Evaluation of web blogs Concrete Loop The purpose of this web log is to inform viewers about artists/celebrities and upcoming music The different media/ ICT techniques used are things such as hyperlinks, videos, images etc The web blog is very affective in engaging the audience as there is a lot of images and hyperlinks to view so therefore it keeps the audience interested The areas of this web blog that Id like to employ to my own is the amount of information that is presented.

2. Evaluation of web blogs Abisolas AS foundation portfolio The purpose and intention of this web blog is to present how she planned her web blog and her outcome. The different media/ ICT techniques used are things such as images, links, videos and embedded music. The web blog conveys useful information but does not engage the consumer as there is too much going on and is not very eye catching. The things that Id like to employ to my own web blog from her work is the use of the links and the embedded music. 3. Evaluation of web blogs KelsieRennick AS foundation portfolioThe purpose of the web blog I to show how her blog was planned and the final outcome of her blog. The different media/ ICT techniques used are screen-grabs in order to show progress and presentations. The web blog conveys information effectively without boring the consumer because there is not too much going on in the page so we an focus on what is being presented. The things that Id like to incorporate into my own blog is her use of screen shots because I think its smart and useful. 4. SMART targets 1. One of my SMART targets is to keep on top of all my work and keep my blog updated 2. My second SMART target is to my sure my blog is interesting (includes a variety of images and links to appeal to more than on demographic( 3. My final SMART target is to research other blogs too see what people find interesting