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Transcript of Evaluation

  • 1. Evaluation

2. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Masterhead Barcode Main Coverline Price 3. 4. 2. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

  • While making this student magazine, I have learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. I have learnt so many different techniques and skills that will be incredibly useful when making my music magazine.

5. Stroke Effect on Photoshop I have used different effects on the masthead to make it stand out against the dark background. I used drop shadow, inner shadow, inner glow, stroke and bevel emboss.By double clicking the stroke effect, it allows me to choose between other effect and preview them before theyre on the cover.Then by clicking the colours tab, it allows you to change the stroke to any colour you want. 6. Text Placement on Photoshop First, I added my photo in as my background and made sure to use a medium close up shot.My masthead was the next item that had to be placed on my cover.Finally I added all my cover lines, price and barcode. I used stroke effects on all my cover lines to make them stand out on the page. 7. Changing Colour on InDesign I learnt how to change the colour of my text by selecting the swatches tab which is on the side of the InDesign toolbar. By double clicking a pre set colour, you can then manipulate the cyan, magenta, yellow black percentages, to make any colour you need.During the process of this project, I have learnt how to use InDesign. The first thing I did when I opened InDesign is place all my text in the right places. Throughout, this process I am constantly learning new skills and tools that will become very useful when I come to make my music magazine. 8. Effects on InDesign I used a drop shadow and inner shadow effect on my contents page. I did this by selecting the box which the text is in then clicking the effects tab on the InDesign toolbar. After that I selected the fx toolbar tab and then chose which effect I wanted. Then by double clicking the certain effect, it opens the window which allows you to change colours and the position of the effect. 9. Original Images All of the images used in my cover and content pages are pictures I have taken myself using the camera. I uploaded them onto the computer and then manipulated them on Photoshop and InDesign.