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2. Evaluation Question One - Music Promo: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media real media products?
Manipulating concepts and conventions established in real media products has helped the production process of my media product the flourish, specifically the use of the music video 21 Guns by Green Day.
As the name suggests, the video features the use of weaponry, for example pistols to connote a violent and hazardous physical construct, a clear convention of the Punk Genre. This form has been manipulated in my media product since I utilized a chainsaw for similar effect. Using the chainsaw has given me the ability to portray a more vivid narrative as suggested by the Target audience. This is evident when considering the abstract painted art depicted on the chainsaw seeing that it is a device which has allowed me to suggest the similarities between the two objects, hence suggesting to the viewer that the main protagonists soul ha become entangled into what seems a dark abyss of terror as suggested in the lyrics, he wears his heart safety pined to his bag pack, his bag pack is all that he knows. On the other hand, the chainsaw also draws parallels to the gothic imagery associated with the genre.
The mise-en-scene established in the music video also appears spacious creating a foreboding atmosphere as the viewer may not initially identify with the individual props put once accompanied by the lyrics as well as the denoted genre of Punk the meaning transfigures to a rib defined vision. The use of a mirror, television, vintage chairs and alcohol all enhance the concept of Punk since, as an entity, it suggests the publics constraints due to politics, for example the mirror connotes the idea of being watched, whilst the television suggests are passiveness to media texts. I have exploited the nature of rebellion suggested within my product however I have developed the concept to be more literal in meaning allowing the audience to identity and comprehend with each element flawlessly, for example, the nails reiterate the chaotic atmosphere and convey to the viewer that we are pinned down by society and stereotypical absurdities. The concept is further emphasized by the use of the candles as although in the current physical construction it suggests a cult or ritual it can also have a more fluid, transcend meaning associated with faith and religion, thus suggesting the passiveness of an audience to not be able to see through the obvious behind fake political messages from fearful men.
In contrast, we have decided to not use the concept of fan service within the construct as it will not only alienate any potential female audience but also challenge the notions set within other punk videos which suggest females as overly promiscuous and as sexual objects.
3. Moreover, In the Green day video a range of four figures are utilized to suggest the dynamics of the music video with two figures representing the turmoil and then unification after a break-up with the other two figures participating in the establishment of the lyrics and synced sound. From the video, I have deduced that this perhaps is not effective as the main vocalist, Billie Joe Armstrong, although attempting to use emotive body language, appears defused from the narrative itself thus rendering the lyrics powerless. Hence In my music video, Christopher, the main vocalist is also depicted within the narrative thus suggesting a delicate significance to his persona although the target market to identify with him further. This can prove to be an efficient promotional device to sell more copies of the DVD and thus gain greater revenue.
Also, as the two lovers rekindle their love the physical construct is immersed by an array of feather to convey the platonic, transcendent love, however in my music video I have utilized feathers in a mid-shot of Christopher as he stands amidst the glowing ominous candles which establishes a different concept using the same form as it suggests the characters fear relating to the lyrics, crawls like a worm, crawls like a worm from a bird, crawls like a worm from a bird.
The demented hairstyle of the main vocalist is similarly used in my music video as Christophers hairstyle appears chaotic and frantic which portrays his diffusion from society as well as human rights such as freedom of speech. Moreover, the main vocalist is depicted with a variety of tattoos giving a tribal look. Initially I also wanted to establish a similar effect however aesthetically this looked unrealistic when I experimented with the concept. Thus, to create a similar gothic feel I used a gothic watch with a stylised image of a skull which creates a more evocative composition along with the assorted wrist beads. These props challenge the general convention of the Punk Genre since the props also suggest a religious atmosphere; on the other hand religious images can enhance the appeal to the emo audience as one of their known social gathering sites is the graveyard. At the beginning of the music video the bird and the worm the main vocalist is depicted cutting himself to
4. again suggest the emo element. The element is manipulated within my music video when Christopher breaks his mask on the bird bath as the worm attempts to escape the blood bath as well as the blood suggested on the chainsaw, although I have intentionally chosen to challenge the realistic depiction of blood in the original bird and the worm video as by making the blood appear less realistic allows the music video to have a wider appeal.
Furthermore, the range of lighting used such as low lighting and side lighting create a similar effect to the flash lights and flood lights as it creates a greater atmosphere however the flash lights establish a greater sense of pace and tension for the viewer thus obeying the general convention ofa Punk music video.
So, my media product uses a range of developed camera angles, shots and movements from the music video Animal I have become. A high angle shot used when the figure is laying the white bed is also depicted in my media product when the character attempts to destroy his mask via hitting his head on the bird bath to suggest his vulnerability. Also flattering close-up shots are used completed with the lighting to attempt to create a more attractive image to appeal to the audience as well as create enhanced figure expression and movement.
Moreover, low angle shots used to depict the band member echo a menacing persona is also utilized within the music promo when the main vocalist is dragged to the outdoors during to the powers of the mask. The shot is used to convey a similar effect to that suggested in the music video of Three Days Grace.
Similarly, the Three Days Grace, Animal I have Become music video uses a panning shot as the character moves through the setting. In comparison, my music promo uses an angled panning shot as the main vocalist attempts to reach the bird bath to develop the form to create a more innovative feel.
5. Evaluation Question One DVD Cover: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media real media products?
During the production of the album, the promotional package, I have utilized a range of real media product to ensure a successful design. Some of the most influential products used are: Three Days Grace Life Starts Now; One X; The Used In love and Death.
One convention clearly visual within the Album is the use of imagery which establishes a gothic, gloomy atmosphere. This is suggested in the album art for Three Days Grace Life Starts Now which is illuminated in a Violet and Tyrian. The color creates the required atmosphere whilst echoing the concept of Royalty. The symbolism draws parallels to the denoted image of two figures, likely to be civilians, perhaps teenagers, using baseball bats to batter televisions which ooze out the Tyrian.
Another convention of the Punk Genre is the use of lyrics which offer a political, anti-establishment evocation. The idea is connoted by the vandalism of the televisions because it is a symbol of the working class stupidity. On the other hand it suggests the upper class power to manipulate our thought. These ideologies are constructed in my promotional package as an eye is established on the front cover, obviously suggesting the current predicament in society as we are constantly monitored via CCTV etc.
Similarly, the form of the promotion pack draws inspiration from Three Days Grace, One X. The color scheme is ultimately conventional. The use of crimson red and black rather establishes the foreboding atmosphere evident in the music promo video; logically I have used a similar color scheme on the front cover.
Another convention apparent the above promotional packages are a modern Art theme as if to mount the album on a pedestal as art often is. Moreover, it adds to the concept of unrestricted thought as modern art tends to leave the traditional, realistic form in which art is usually created to create a more emotive piece. Evidently, one can observe the trait in Three Days Grace, Life Starts Now through the depicted televisions that appear cracked and broken which bleed slime across the cover. The slime appears to be suggested through thick, bold streaks of paint adding the expressive, emotional element. The concept is conveyed in the promotional package I have created as the edited image of an eye as intentionally been smudged to create a similar effect apparent on the Three Days Grace Album; however I have created an unfinished look to associate the band with a confident image as well suggest the music will speak for its self (Amazon).