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  • 1. MEDIA A2: EVALUATIONBy Hannah Maxwell

2. IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOURMEDIA PRODUCT USE,DEVELOP OR CHALLENGEFORMS AND CONVENTIONS OFREAL MEDIA PRODUCTS? 3. TEASER TRAILER: INFLUENCESInception:http://hannahmaxwella2media.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/inception-trailer-analysis.htmlThis trailer influenced me in terms ofsound. There is an absence of diegeticsound throughout the whole of thetrailer and its really effectivebecause it forces the audience tofocus on the visuals. I did use somediegetic sound in my product,however, I didnt use a lot and triedto keep it as plain as possible so thatthe audience do focus on the visuals,as they are forced to in the Inceptionteaser trailer.In addition, I liked the way this trailercuts back to objects of significance,like the spinning top/glass of water. Iused this idea in my teaser trailer,with the blue prints and also the tinthat the stalker picks up. 4. CONTINUED...Shutter Island:http://hannahmaxwella2media.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/teaser-trailer-analysis.htmlThis trailer influenced me in termsof editing. The edits are reallyfast-paced and a lot of jump cutsare used. They conceal a lot of thestory but reveal enough to inviteaudiences intrigue. In my trailer,I have used some fast editing toconceal parts of my story and alsoto tease my audience by notshowing them what they wouldwant more of.The Shutter Island trailer buildstension effortlessly through thesound and editing and I tried todo this too. 5. PLOT INFLUENCERSMy storyline for Hunted was influenced by The Lovely Bones. Having read the book and watched the film I thought that it had a very powerful theme and message. Instead of communicating the events after the girls death, like in The Lovely Bones, I wanted my product to be about the build up to the murder. I wanted the girls to be a similar age because its controversial because of their assumed innocence and the violation of this. However, my victim is very different from Susie Salmon in terms of their personality, dress and interests because I wanted to highlight the vulnerability of girls that age as a whole and because as a society we naturally feel protective over this age and gender. 6. FILM POSTER: INFLUENCES I really liked the two shots in the below images. For The Lovely Bones I really liked the way that the murderer was in low key lighting and the victim was in the light. In my poster, they are both in similar lighting to show that he has invaded her personal space by being in her home. The movie still from Halloween inspired me to have the stalker move into theThe Lovely Bones shot and not reveal his identity to create a more sinister feel, which is what I have done in my poster. Halloween Picture 7 7. FILM MAGAZINE: INFLUENCESI decided to use Total Film as my film magazine because I thought thatmy film would be the kind of film to be featured in it. I liked thesynergy that the magazine creates between itself and the film itsfeaturing. I captured this by making the F into a knife point like thefilm title, and by using the same house style as my film. However, Idecided to break the conventions of magazines by having my modellooking away from the camera, which follows the film ideals more thanthe magazine ones, but this still fits in with the magazines ethos. 8. GROUPSMy media product focuses on the social group of teenage girls, becausethey are stereotyped to be more vulnerable then older women ormales. More narrowly, it focuses on teenage girls who are interestedin rock music, because this is the image that my main character has. Iwanted to focus on this group of teenage girls because they do notmake up the majority of teenagers; they fit into a niche group, whichwould automatically make my victim more ostracised from societythan an ordinary teenage girl, resulting in even less protection fromharm. (Thus inviting the stalker to more easily target her).Within the film world, stalking/murder/rape are all horrific things toexplore, but when its a child, like my victim, its more harrowing forthe audience, as people naturally feel the need to protect the peoplemost vulnerable in society, like children.I took inspiration from The Lovely Bones and Leon: The Professional forthis, because of the violation of innocence in the main characters. InLeon, Natalie Portmans family are murdered, including her belovedlittle brother and we naturally sympathise with her because she is soyoung herself. In The Lovely Bones, Susie Salmon is far too young todie, but she is raped and murdered and her innocence is spoiled, whichis the reason these types of films are so harrowing. They show a theftof child-like innocence which is something that every adultappreciates and values as they grow older. 9. AUDIENCE FOR MY TEASERTRAILERhttp://hannahmaxwella2media.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/concrete-target-audience.htmlHunted, is a 15. This is because it contains child murder, strong violence, and scenes that audiences may find disturbing. I used the BBFC website ( www.bbfc.co.uk) to determine what my film should come under. The prominent adjective for 15s is strong, which is why I think a 15 certificate would suit my film.Most specifically, I have targeted my film at 15-25 yr old males and females, but more predominantly females because the victim is female and so they will empathise with her. The reason that males will still be attracted to this film is because of the genre: thriller. 10. HOW DID YOU ATTRACT/ADDRESSYOUR AUDIENCE? Teaser trailer I have used a close up on personal artwork to attract my audience because this could be something that they would relate to. At this tender age most people have a hobby thatIn this shot I have used a cant to distracts them from everythingrepresent how her safe haven has that bothers them.been disturbed. This would appeal my target audience because theyI chose to have a low angled would be excited by a shot like thislong shot of the victim in her in a thriller. In addition, I havebedroom because you can seealso hidden the identity of theall the posters on the wall, stalker. The cant also creates athe hairspray, cans of pop sense of unease, as it is a physicaletc., which my audiencerepresentation of thewould be able to relate to asdisequilibrium within theteenage bedroom decor isI used a close up of the victim tied narrative structure.such a major part ofup, using low key lighting, to concealexpressing yourself at this the plot and force the audience toage.use their imagination to fill in whatFurther more, this slightly they cant physically see. They arelow angle is a child-like view, forced to question, why is this girlwhich further highlights her tied up? How did she get there?innocence.which would evoke sympathy frommy target audience. Also, she is inwhite, which connotes innocence. 11. Within my teaser trailer, I attracted myaudience through varying my shot styles and lengths, using familiar mise-en-scene, with atmospheric non-diegetic music andstings. 12. In cinema history, the baddieThe stalker and the FILM POSTERcame in from the right-handside, and the good characters victims silhouettes standThe use of red in the mastheadalways came in on the left. For out against theconnotes danger, which wouldthis reason, I have chosen to translucent backgrounddraw the audience because theyput the stalker on the right andwhich draws the eyeare enticed by danger.the victim on the left. straight to them.The tagline wouldintrigue myaudience becausethey would want toknow why therearent any safehavens and alsowho is makingsure your havensarent safe. Withthe domesticity ofthe image thiswould create a realsense of uneaseI have chosen to split safeThe framing of the victim and the from havens in the tagline stalker automatically creates a sense ofwhich would because the knifedefinitely entice my personifies the narrative:unease, which would make the audienceaudience.the stalker literally splits want to know what their connection is, the victims life, and safe because it is obvious its not positive. haven, in two. 13. Pug: advertising theFILM MAGAZINE film poster for thefilm. My targetMagazine URL. Myaudience are mosttarget audience arelikely to be interestedthe most internetin posters.friendly.The main image isnt Synergy has been making direct address. created between theThis isnt conventional, magazine and the and would attract my film through the usesaudience because, if of knives andthey like controversial red/black colour infilms, then they will the masthead and like things that dont cover-line.conform.The bottom cover-lines The background is creepyagain tie in with theand ties in with thehouse style of this issuedarkness of the film. I have also used low key lightingand offer other which would signal to myinformation about filmstarget audience that this isthat my target audiencea film with dark content. Inwould like, because my addition, the backgroundtarget audience aregives off a sense of threat orlikely to like other that something is lurking,genres too.which ties in with the theme of stalking. 14. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THECOMBINATION OF YOURMAIN PRODUCT ANDANCILLARY PRODUCT? 15. HUNTED: A SENSE OF BRANDINGI have created a sense of branding in a number of ways. Firstly, I have depicted the victim as vulnerable in all three products (below), as she never looks at the camera and is wearing school uniform. I have also used subtle high angles in the teaser trailer and on the magazine. I have also used low key lighting so that the mystery of the plot is sustained throughout all three products.Between the two ancillary products I have used red, black and white as a colour scheme because red connotes danger; the danger that the girl is in, black connotes mystery; because the audience do not know the full plot from the trailer/poster/magazine combination, and white connotes innocence; because the girl is innocent and has done nothing to provoke the attack that violates her innocence. I have also used red and black in the teaser trailer for the title frames.I have also used domesticity as a link between all three products. The poster is set in a house, the magazine shares the tagline find out why there are no safe havens and the teaser trailer shows how the stalker invades her safe haven (home) and eventually kills her. 16. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNEDFROM YOUR AUDIENCEFEEDBACK? 17. QUESTIONNAIREThe first piece of audience research thatI completed was a questionnaire. Thefull results are on my blog:http://hannahmaxwella2media.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/questionnaire-results-primaryI wanted to know what kind of films people are into, and from that age I determined my film certificate. I also wanted to know what people expect from teaser trailers.From this questionnaire I decided thatmy film would have a certificate 15and it would be aimed at both malesand females in the 15-25 yr oldcategory (but mainly females). I alsodetermined that my teaser trailerwould be short, concise, and only giveaway enough plot to entice myaudience and not give it all away. 18. TEASER TRAILERFor the first cut of my teaser trailer, I received a lot of peer and teacher feedback. I have posted on the blog all of my results. http://hannahmaxwella2media.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/first-cut-of-my-teaser-trailer-hI found this really useful because people were picking up on what I wasnt happy with e.g. The size of the font on the title pages and the lack of stings. It was even more helpful though, that people were picking up on things that I hadnt thought about. This meant that I had a long list of things to experiment with, most of which I kept.The positive feedback was just as good though, because it meant that I edited my teaser trailer with confidence, and a fresh perspective, to make the final cut.I did upload all 4 of my cuts to YouTube, as a tool for feedback. 19. 1st editFILM POSTERAgain, I had peer and teacher feedbackfor my drafts. In total I made 4 draftsof my film poster, each timeencouraging feedback from my peers. Iwas told what worked and advised onwhat to change or add in. This wasreally useful because it gave me afresh perspective on my product,which meant I could edit it moreconfidently. Looking over all 4 edits Ican see a massive improvement fromthe first to the final film poster. Final PosterEvery time I edited my poster I had tokeep in mind who my audience was.As you can see, although my firstposter wasnt bad, it wasnt grippingenough for my target audiencebecause its not eye-catching enough.By changing the colour of the mastheadand giving it more depth, that alonemade the poster more eye-catchingand much more fitting to mydemographichttp://hannahmaxwella2media.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/feedback-for-my-ancillary-products.html 20. 1st editFILM MAGAZINEThe first film magazine cover that Iconstructed was really basic. It didntdemonstrate any skill and it lookedreally bland. The feedback I got fromthat was so useful because my peerstold me exactly how it should look andwhat I was doing wrong. Thebackground, as you can see, was veryplain and it didnt tie in with TotalFilm who always have busybackgrounds that are film related. FinalThat is why I chose to have the creepy Magazineforest in the background of mymagazine; to create a sense ofbranding between my magazine and areal Total Film magazine.The feedback allowed me to have a freshperspective and I tried to look at mymagazine with more of an audiencemind. I had to decide what it was thatas an audience I would want to see.http://hannahmaxwella2media.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/feedback-for-my-ancillary-products-2.html 21. Acting as the institution has made me realise how important feedback is. Although my ideology forHunted was clear in my head, I had difficulty puttingit into practise. Feedback allowed me to interact with my audience and have them tell me what they wanted to see, which was actually similar to what I was trying to do. In conclusion, from audiencefeedback I have learned that my products can always be improved and that audience feedback isessential to a successful promotion package. Furthermore, it gave me confidence in my editing because I knew what my audience wanted to see. 22. HOW DID YOU USE MEDIATECHNOLOGIES IN THECONSTRUCTION ANDRESEARCH, PLANNING ANDEVALUATION STAGES? 23. RESEARCH AND PLANNINGI chose to do my research and planning on a blog because I could make full use of multimedia technologies, such as videos, images and hyperlinks.I found the blog really useful for each aspect of research. When I researched types of shot, using a blog meant that I could put images up with their descriptions. When I researched sound, I opened a www.soundcloud.com account, where I uploaded the sounds and posted the link on my blog. (http://soundcloud.com/hannah-94)Not only does it utilise technologyand strengthen my technicalknowledge, but it also generatesaudience feedback because thereis an option for blog users to postcomments on my blog. 24. CONSTRUCTION: TEASER, POSTER, MAGAZINETeaser trailer: To film my teaser trailer, I used a digital video camera. Although small, I managed to get the shots I wanted. I used Adobe Premier pro to edit my shots together. I liked this programme, because it was quite straightforward. However, if I were to do this project again, I would use a better computer because the software didnt cope with the full size files. I had to condense the size of my picture to edit my trailer together successfully.Film Poster: I used Paint.Net to construct my poster. This software is very similar to Photoshop but it more straight forward. I learnt how to edit photos in layers to make my work more professional looking and this also made it much easier to edit layer too.Film Magazine: I used a digital camera to take my main image. I used Paint.Net and Microsoft Publisher to construct my magazine cover. Paint.Net was brilliant for photo manipulation with the main image, background and also the mastheads. However, I struggled with the cover-lines on Paint.Net so I imported it as an image in to Publisher and put all the text on in there. I m really pleased with the result. 25. EVALUATIONFor my evaluation I chose to usePowerPoint because it is amultimedia piece of software.Similarly to the blog, I caneasily share images and linkson here to aid my meaning.In this evaluation I have usedscreenshots of my trailer,images, hyperlinks and finallyslideshare, so that it can beeasily shared on my blog.Using PowerPoint has furtherhelped me to utilise thetechnology on offer.