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2. Main coverlineBar codeMastheadIssuenumberIssue date 3. Large fontstands outtell us thatswhat thepage isabout.A list oftelling thereaders whatis inside.Issue dateandnumber.Collagedimages tolook moreattractiveand differentso it standsout from theother imagesabove. 4. My model theright size thatshe stands outfrom theimage.Title in pinkmatching thecolour of themodels hairand skirt.Article: threecolumnsBrightclothingmatchingtheatmosphere. 5. My product is a Reggae magazine which uses and which usesand challenges the other Reggae magazines. My magazinesuses the convention of having the name of the magazine inthe top left hand corner of my front cover. I did this as peoplewill automatically looks there for the name of themagazine, and see it straight away.I also used the reggae convention of writing with a lot ofdifferent fonts on the front cover, this helps keep theaudience interested as they read.However I challenged the Reggae magazine convention ofhaving a male on the front cover. Reggae magazine usuallyuse men on the cover whereas other genre of musicmagazines such as hip pop more often use woman. I chooseto use woman as I thought it would be something moreunique to the Reggae genre which would turn heads and getpeople interested. 6. I think my magazine represents the social groups of mytarget audience. The age 16-20 is represented through the images I haveused, the girls in the images ages varies from 17-19which shows my magazine represents the teenage andearly 20 age group My magazine also represents the social group of peoplewho are within the Reggae culture and music, I haveachieved this through my contents page where I saywhat is in the magazine. I have researched what peoplewho enjoy Reggae music like to do and have tried, toinclude things which would interest them in themagazine, for examples festive line ups.How does media product represent particular social groups? 7. The best place for my product to be distributedwould be the news agents or supermarkets as itwould get the product noticed by the huge range andvariety of people who shop there. My product may also be distributed in places wheremy target audience would be. For example at Reggaefestivals or in bars and clubs that play Reggae music. Another way to distribute my product could be topublish it online, this is becoming a more popularway for people to read magazines and woulddefinitely reach my target audience 16-20 year olds. 8. Who would be the audience for your media product? My main audience for my product would be people agedbetween 16-20. this is because from my questionnaires it tellsme that this age group is most interested in buying musicmagazines. My audience would also be people who enjoy listening andreading about Reggae music, as this is what the magazine isabout, that is who I must target. My target audience is both female and males as myquestionnaires showed that both sexes read music magazines.Women would be attracted to my magazine as it usesfeminine colours on the covers such as yellow and red. Menwould be attracted to the magazine as I have used a womanon the front cover which would attract the opposite sex. 9. How did you attract/address youraudience? I attracted an audience of people who like Reggae music through using theconventions of other established Reggae magazines. The bright colours onthe front cover are a big feature of Reggae magazines. The bright colourswould seem familiar to people who already buy Reggae magazines andencourage them to buy mine as they are with it and know what they aregetting. The bright colours would also get the attention of most peoplewalking past the magazines in shop and would get them interested andthen they would be more likely to buy the magazine. The photo on thecover is also in medium long, which a lot of Reggae magazines use. 10. Front Cover ComparisonLooking back at my preliminary task my quality of presentationwas dull and used very basic fonts where as on the other hand mymusic magazine is colour and uses various fonts to attract theaudience. I have definitely learnt how to use Photoshop better. 11. Contents ComparisonYet again my preliminary contents page is dull and not appealing.However my music magazine contents page has a contrastedcolour background and images overlapping each other this ismore appealing to my target audience. 12. DPS I never had experience making a double page spread due to the fact I didnot make one for my preliminary task. I have kept my DPS more interestingthan the front cover and contents page. I have stuck to the reggae culturescenery. I have also stuck to the house style of 3 columns. My model hasbeen cut out by the quick selection tool on Photoshop from one picture tothe image now. 13. Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feelthat you have learnt in the progression from it to the fullproduct? The process of making my music magazine was a challenge. I created astyle that everyone liked especially my target audience. Looking back at mypreliminary task I feel the main thing I have learnt is how to make my worklook professional. By looking at a lot of existing magazines I was able tounderstand the conventions of a music magazine and put them into placein my magazine. I feel that my preliminary magazine looks quiteunprofessional as I didnt do such extensive research. Another thing I have learnt in the progression from preliminary task to thefinal product is how to use Photoshop better. Even though I usedPhotoshop in my preliminary task I was tentative and didnt try out all thefeatures available. For my final product I became much more comfortableusing the programme, using the programme, using more features whichbenefited my end product.