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  • What is Euro Air Fabric Ducting?

    Euro Air is an alternative to traditional steel ducting and diffusers. Due to advances in technology, instead of transporting air through steel duct work, we can now use ducts made of permeable fabric.

    The heat load calculations and equipment sizing remains the same as traditional systems, but instead of using metal ducts to transport the air, we use patented fabric.This allows us to design air-conditioning systems which achieve better air distribution and save energy.

    Integrating Energy Efficiency, Productivity & Comfort

    Euro Air has been implemented in over 30 projects in Singapore due to its ability to deliver perfect comfort conditions whilst also saving energy and installation costs.

    1. Energy Efficiency: Euro Air operates at a lower static pressure and can save up to 20% of your air-conditioning energy consumption.

    2. Productivity: Due to the ease of working with fabric, Euro Air systems can be installed in a fraction of the time as compared to traditional ducting resulting in significant cost savings for installation. It has been shown to reduce manhour requirements by up to 80% and has been endorsed by the BCA Productivity division.

    3. Comfort: Every Euro Air installation is custom designed in Singapore. Our engineers use proprietary design software and CFD analysis to ensure perfect air distribution with not draughts or hotspots. Solaris, 1 Fusionopolis Walk, #02-11 North Tower, Singapore 138628E-mail: I T: +65 8656 9015 I F: +65 6735 5420

    Air-Side Efficiency Package (Euro Air)


  • Solaris, 1 Fusionopolis Walk, #02-11 North Tower, Singapore 138628E-mail: I T: +65 8656 9015 I F: +65 6735 5420

    Rolls Royce Facility, Seletar Aerospace Hub SINGAPORE

    In 2011 Rolls Royce opened its new facility at the Seletar Aerospace Hub. This Green Mark Platinum facility houses the assembly area for the famous Trent engines and has extremely stringent criteria for indoor environmental quality.

    Due to the requirements for perfect air distribution and an assurance of no condensation, Rolls Royce chose to work with the Euro Air ducting system.

    In addition to optimal conditions in the working area, Euro Air helped the Rolls Royce facility achieve its Green Mark platinum rating through a dropper

    based design specifically chosen to restrict cooling to the occupant zones. This removed the need to cool the top 9 meters of the factory which resulted in huge energy savings throughout the 120m by 180m facility.

    The entire system consists of over 1.8km of ducting and due to the simple installation method, the entire project was completed in just three weeks.