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Transcript of Eudora Welty

  • 1. +Eudora Welty 1909- 2001
    Salma Baabbad
    Rebekah Marsh

2. Where was Eudora Welty born?
She was born in Jackson, Mississippi.
3. Were her parents from the North or the South?
Her parents, Christian Welty and Chestina Andrews, were both from the North.
Her parents were teachers in West Virginia. Then they moved to Jackson to improve their fortunes. Her father became the president of an insurance company and was able to providea comfortable lifestyle for the family.
4. What colleges did Eudora Welty attend?
Mississippi State College for Women
University of Wisconsin- Graduated in 1929
Columbia University School of Business advertising course
5. What other type of artwork did Eudora Welty create besides writing?
She created a book of her photographs called One Time and Place.
Her photographs were the basis for many stories like Why I Live at the PO.
6. What kind of writer was Eudora Welty?
She was regional writer.
She felted this term was condescending and that it was an outsiders term; it has no meaning for the insider who is doing the writing, because as far as he knows he is simply writing about life.
7. Which of the following is not one of her works?
Petrified Man
The Optimists Daughter
Winter Dreams
Curtain of Green
Answer: Winter Dreams
8. Who are the main Characters in the story The Petrified Man?
Leota who works in a beauty salon.
Mrs. Fletcher is a customer who is not happy with her marriage and pregnancy. She likes to gossip and judge others.
Mrs. and Mr. Pike are new people in the town.
Billy Boy is the son of Mrs. Pike. Leota takes care of him while his mom works.
The Petrified Man
9. What are the main Themesthat the story Petrified Man introduces?
Self centered
Unhappy marriage Mrs. Fletcher
Friendships Leota and Mrs. Pike
Customer/Employee Mrs. Fletcher and Leota
10. Who was the Petrified Man?
Mr. Petrie
He was an actor in the freak show.
He was wanted for raping four women in California.
11. Who recognizes the Petrified Man?
Mr. and Mrs. Pike recognize the Petrified Man as Mr. Petrie when they see his picture in a magazine.
They turn him in and receive the $500 reward.