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THEANTHEMS GAMEFirst: Make 8 groups. Every different ticket is from a group (team 2.000, team 100...)Second: We spin the wheel.Third: Answer the questions about the European anthems. If your answers are right, you earn the points and if they aren't right we remove the points from your score.Fourth: When the game finishes, add and substract your points and let's see the winner!

5045251510055751065The BigWheel

Spin WheelPointsTeam OneTeam TwoTeam ThreeTeam FourTeam FiveTeam SixTeam SevenTeam EightTeam ScoresEnd Game1Do you know from which country is this national anthem? ( the country is between Germany and Czech Republic)

2This anthem is titled "My Fatherland, My Happiness and Joy" . Where is it from?- Finland -Estonia - Italy

3 BulgariaThis anthem is from Bulgaria. Can you guess what's its name?

+ Mila Rodina+ Happines Anthem+ Gangnam Style

4 Cyprus and Greece anthemWho was the author of the music of this one?-Mariah Carey-Peter O'Shea-Nikolaos Mantzaros

5 MaltaHow many verses has the Maltese anthem? - 8 - 6 - 4In which year was this anthem declared the national anthem? - 1965 - 1945 - 1987 - 1991

6 Holland anthemThis anthem is...1- The oldest anthem in the world.2- The longuest anthem in the world.3- The shortest anthem of Europe.4- Equal than the Spanish anthem.

7 La MarseillaiseWhere's this anthem from?GreeceFranceFinlandAnd who's the author?- Dun Karm Pscila - Rouget Lisle

8 Spanish anthemThis anthem hasn't got lyrics. How many countries haven't got anthem's lyrics either ?All the Asian countries.San Marino and Bosnia-Herzegovina.It's the only anthem without lyrics.

9The sentence Is loved, as is our native North, our forefathers' earth from which national anthem is?Sweden's anthemFinland's anthemEstonia's anthem

10SlovakiaWhat's the name of national anhem of Slovakia?1- Nad tatrou sa blska2- Imnos is tin Eleftherian3- La Marsellaise

11Croatia anthemHow many verses has got the Croatia's anthem?161815

12This anthem is from...

a) Chile b)Senegal c) China d) Ireland e)Monaco f)New Zealand g)Russia

13 HUNGARYHow old is Hungarian anthem?155 years old170 years old173 years old

14This anthem is from....-Portugal -Murcia Guadalajara -Azerbaijan Who's the composer of this anthem?- Henrique Lopes de Mendosa- Enrique Iglesias- Dabid Visval

15From which of these countries does this anthem belonge? -Poland -Italy - Germany - Denmark

16 Latvian anthemThe name of this anthem is Dievs, Sveti Latviju. What is its meaning in English?1- God save Latvia.2- God bless Latvia3- We are waiting for a golden rain.4- Our green fields.

17 Slovenian anthemThe author of this anthem, France Preeren, was .DoctorPoetTeacherSlovenia's presidentThe composer was Mozart.

18 Lithuanian anthemThis anthem is called Tautika Giesm. Which is his translation in English?The National HymnThe Best HymnLithuanian HymnNew Hymn

When was The anthem of Lithuania composed?: -1832 -2048 -1933 -1919

19 Luxembourg In which Luxembourg's coin appearsthe sheet music of the anthem?- In the one pound coins.- In the one euro coin.- In the two euros coin.- In the five mes coin.

The Luxembourg's anthem's sheet music.

20 Czech RepublicWho was the first singer of this anthem?Katy PerryAristbulo CasasKarel StrakatSara MartnGerard Depardieu

21 Swedish anthemWho are the composers of this anthem?Paul McCartney and John LennonThe group ABBA.Richard Dybeck and Louise AhlnFinnick Allen and Percy Jackson

22 Belgian anthemIn how many versions (languages) there are this anthem?One, in French.Three, in French, Dutch and German.One, in German.Five, in English, Italian,French, German and Dutch.

Remix 1You are hearing three anthems in one remix. From which country is the first anthem?- Poland - Italy - Greece

Remix 2Wich of this anthems didn't you hear?-Romania-Croatia-Germany-Turkey

The EndWe hope you liked our presentation and you have learned more about European anthems.