Etymology List #8. affinity (uh FIN uh tee) (noun) A natural attraction; kinship; similarity Link:...

download Etymology List #8. affinity (uh FIN uh tee) (noun) A natural attraction; kinship; similarity Link: FIN TEA

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Transcript of Etymology List #8. affinity (uh FIN uh tee) (noun) A natural attraction; kinship; similarity Link:...

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Etymology List #8 Slide 2 affinity (uh FIN uh tee) (noun) A natural attraction; kinship; similarity Link: FIN TEA Slide 3 This kitten and puppy seem to have an affinity for one another, which goes against the notion that cats and dogs dont get along well. Slide 4 aftermath (AF tur math) (noun) Events following some occurrence; a consequence of Link: AFTER MATH Slide 5 The aftermath of devastation from Hurricane Sandy has shattered peoples homes, lives, and belongings. Slide 6 ajar (uh JARR) (adjective) Partially open Link: JAR Slide 7 If youre a fan of puns, you might find the cartoon above amusing. Even if you dont, it definitely shows the meaning of the word ajar, which means partially open. Oh, and heres a fun joke: When is a door not a door? When its ajar!! Ha Ha. I crack myself up! Slide 8 alleviate (uh LEE vee ayt) (verb) (alleviation noun) To make less severe; to relieve, to lessen Link: LEAVES ATE Slide 9 The Red Cross seeks to alleviate peoples suffering after disasters by providing much- needed food, supplies, medical assistance, and even blood to injured people. Slide 10 anterior (an TIR ee ur) (adjective) Situated in front Link: ANTLERS Slide 11 You probably havent thought of a fish in terms of its anterior and posterior, but you should if you like to fish, because its easier to catch a fish from the anterior position rather than its tail. Slide 12 bizarre (bih ZAR) (adjective) Extremely unconventional or far-fetched Link: BAZAAR Slide 13 In the show Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern tastes bizarre dishes such as brains and foie gras in Los Angeles restaurant called Animal. bizarre Slide 14 bleak (bleak) (adjective) Depressing, discouraging, harsh, cold, barren, raw Link: LEAK Slide 15 While Seattle is an interesting city with unique sights to visit, many people wouldnt want to live there because of its bleak weather; the city is said to have only 60 sunny days a year. Slide 16 candor (CAN dur) (noun) (candid adj.) Truthfulness, sincere honesty Link: CONDOR Slide 17 Barbara Walters (left) and Nancy Grace (right) are American journalists, and while both are known for their candor with their interview subjects, many find Nancy Graces interview style to be abrasive and at times even abusive. Slide 18 catharsis (kuh THAR sis) (noun) (cathartic adj.) An emotional or psychological cleansing that brings relief or renewal Link: CATS AND HORSES Slide 19 Some people say that having a good cry can be a form of catharsis just as powerful as dancing, singing, or writing, but this isnt the case for all people, as an article in Directions in Psychological Science indicates. Slide 20 circa (SUR ka) (preposition) About; at an estimated historical time period Link: CIRCUS Slide 21 Staurikosaurus Herrerasaurus The two dinosaurs shown here are said to have lived circa 230 million years ago, a time so long ago it is hard to even fathom. Slide 22 demagogue (DEM uh gawg) (noun) (demagoguery noun- the practice of rule by appealing to emotion/prejudice) A leader who obtains power by appealing to emotions / prejudices Link: THEM DOGS Slide 23 Hitler and Mussolini are well-known demagogues. When they were leaders, many Italians and Germans fell prey to the prejudices they perpetuated, especially those that related to purity of their own race at the expense of others. Today, some accuse Syrian presidnet Bashar al-Assad of demagoguery because he is responsible for the deaths of many Syrians who oppose him. Hitler Mussolini Assad Slide 24 demur (dih MUR) (verb) To object, to make exception Link: PURE Slide 25 Most young women demur when a guy they dont know wants to kiss them. Thats just kind of gross. Slide 26 domain (DOUGH mane) (noun) A territory over which one rules, has influence or powers Link: PLAIN Slide 27 The use of eminent domain to seize property is controversial because when people buy their homes they dont expect to be ousted from them so roads or bridges can be built, but especially not so others can make money from them. Slide 28 Euphonious (you PHONE ee us) (adjective) (euphony noun) pleasing to the ear Link: YOU PHONE US Slide 29 Most music connoisseurs agree that Beethovens Fr Elise is euphonious, especially in comparison to more contemporary music such as dubstep or rap.euphonious Slide 30 Fawn (fawn) (verb) exhibit affection; seek favor through flattery; to suck up to someone Link: FAWN Slide 31 Dispatch sports writer Bob Hunter says that fans who fawn over OSU players share the blame for the Bucks problems because they idolize players and make them feel as though they deserve special treatment. Slide 32 Gazebo (guh ZEE boe) (noun) an outdoor structure with a roof and open sides Link: ZEBRA Slide 33 This is a pretty fancy shmancy gazebo. Most arent nearly this elaborate, but they all serve the same purpose: to give people a little shelter as they enjoy being outside. Slide 34 herbicide (HERB uh side) (noun) A substance used to destroy plants, especially weeds Link: SUICIDE Slide 35 Herb Tarlek Herb Tarlek was such an obnoxious character in the 1978-82 series WKRP in Cincinnati that some might have liked to use a herbicide on him, but the picture on the right represents a herbicide you might use to get rid of weeds in your yard. Slide 36 intervene (in tur VEEN) (verb) (intervention noun) To come between; to mediate, to occur between times Link: BETWEEN Slide 37 The show Intervention chronicles the lives of drug and alcohol addicts who have hit rock bottom to the point that their families seek professional help to intervene because the families dont know how to help them. Slide 38 inveigle (in VAY gul) (verb) To tempt or persuade by using deception or flattery Link: BAGEL Slide 39 Unfortunately, too many alumni seek to inveigle college athletes in order to gain special favors for themselves. Slide 40 lax (lax) (adj.) Careless, negligence; not tense, slack Link: TAX Slide 41 The debate about how to best raise children rages on as the era of helicopter parents constant control vs. lax parents seemingly negligent style continues. Slide 42 melancholy (MEL un kahl ee) (noun, adjective) Depression of spirits, gloomy, weary Link: MELON Slide 43 This photograph, entitled Autumns Melancholy, visually depicts the melancholy feeling that some people have when weather turns cold and gray. Certain music may also evoke these feelings of gloominess. Slide 44 Mores (MAWR yz) (noun) customary cultural standards; moral attitudes, manners, habits Link: MORE As Slide 45 Societal mores have changed, extending rights those who didnt have them, including 14 th Amendment rights of equal protection, womens right to vote, racial integration of the armed services, Civil Rights laws, and rights allowing gay people to openly serve in the military. In each instance, people thought these rights would have negative effects that have not materialized. Slide 46 Orthodox (OR thuh dahks) (adjective) (orthodoxyj noun) conventional, doing it by the book, sticking to established principles Link: THROW ROCKS Slide 47 Many faiths have specific criteria to remain orthodox, including those related to dress, employment, food, and celebrating the Sabbath. Slide 48 pied (pyed) (adjective) multi-colored, especially of more than one color in patches Link: PIED PIPER Slide 49 The pied colors of this puppys fur and Josephs coat in the famous musical are great examples of how the word pied could be used. Slide 50 stupefy (STOO puh fie) (verb) To make numb with amazement; to stun into helplessness Link: SUPER FLY Slide 51 This card in the Harry Potter game puts a spell on people that stupefies them and then renders them unconscious. Meanwhile, in its real usage, the writer of this article says that some politicians wish to stupefy kids by mixing the teaching of evolution and intelligent design.