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1. { Ethnography Frozen style 2. Basically, my decision to send my brother lyrics from Frozen was based on my own amusement. Once I stopped sending him the lyrics, I sent them to two other people who I dont talk to often (the girl more than the guy). From these two, I carried on sending lyrics to the guy as well as just pretty silly things. This was to determine different reactions to the same thing from different people, and then to carry on with one of them as they responded each time. These messages took place over seven days. Do you want to build a snowman? 3. Day 1 my brother He doesnt talk to me, never mind this Seriously doesnt talk to me Ignored. 4. Day 2 my brother Getting persistent #blocked Genuinely thought he might block me hahahaha 5. Day 3 my brother There is no escaping me 6. Day 1 - Zoe Yeah, this was pretty much it. I sent back the response to my line, and had no other reply 7. Day 1 - Elliott He was pretty confused This was send after Whaaa? 8. Day 2 - Elliott Understanding 9. Day 3 - Elliott Its happening 10. Day 4 - Elliott I decided to veer from my Frozen-ness for this day, and instead go with a wonderful quote from Brittany in Glee 11. Day 5 - Elliott On this day I started by over sharing. I then moved on to a slightly altered version of Do You Want To Build A Snowman 12. Day 6 - Elliott For my final day I began with a pointless message. Later on, I moved back to my original approach with the lyrics. It brought a slightly different conversation 13. DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?