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  • 8/9/2019 Etc Spreads


  • 8/9/2019 Etc Spreads


    WATERIts hot, and your car gets thirsty. If it gets too thirsty,the engine will climb out of the bonnet a nd catch fire this is not good. Before you set off fill the water reser-voirs ( windscreens and coolant bottles ) up, and carrya bottle of water with you for emergency top ups.

    OILYour car is not bothered about the politically chargedquestion of oil, use of natural resources or climatechange. All its bothered about is that it needs it, aswithout oil all the parts that move will stop doing so ina big, expensive hurry. Check the levels regularly, and

    keep a spare bottle in the boot.TYRESHaving tyres with proper tread ( the grippy bit ) is notonly vital for your safety, its also a legal requirement.Having them inflated to the correct pressure is alsoimportant, as your car will run more efficiently if theyare, and will also grip the road better. Check thepressures at a garage before you set off, and makesure there are no worn/smooth patches on the tyres!

    WINDSCREENSIts summer. The insect nation will be flinging itselfat your windscreen with kamikaze devotion addsome screen wash to your washer bottle to help clearthem off, and keep it topped up; not being able to seethrough the layers of insect dead is never a good look.


    This might seem extreme, but you never know whenyou could find yourself miles from anywhere, havingmiscalculated how much fuel you have. A littleemergency supply could save you a long, annoying,time-consuming trek to the garage (while your car

    sulks by the side of the road ).

    Whether youre hitting the road for the festivals, the beach, or the WhitbyGothic Weekend, here are the essentials for your car (and you), in handychecklist form


    Staying still in the heat can make your engine over-heat if the needles in the red, you need to stop, turnthe engine off and let it cool down for an hour or so.You can help your car stay chilled by killing the engineif youre stationary in traffic for more than a fewminutes at a time.

    MAP & DIRECTIONSAh, such a simple thing, and something so easily

    forgotten. A good AA road atlas is a must, as aredirections to where youre going. Tempting as it is tooverlook this in your excitement, youll regret it on the

    19th circuit of the faceless, spooky council estate youseem to have got lost in.

    CHANGE OF CLOTHES & BIN BAGAh, such a simple thing, and something so easily

    forgotten. A good AA road atlas is a must, as aredirections to where youre going. Tempting as it is tooverlook this in your excitement, youll regret it on the19th circuit of the faceless, spooky council estate youseem to have got lost in.

    TORCH & BLANKETJust in case you arrive late, lost, or breakdownsomewhere and need to wait in the car at nightitsgood to have light, and warmth. Of course, if you getyourself some breakdown cover with the AA, theyllturn up to rescue you and save you all that shivering,so its worth looking into see orcall 0800 60 70 80 for more!

    MANUAL LABOURTyre pressures? Water bottles? Oil fill

    cap? If you cant remember what you learned for the Show Me/Tell Me element of your driving test, your cars manual will tell you whereeverything is, and what to put where. Water, oil and air are usually available at petrol stationsand motorway services (as well as little wooden skulls in boxes, as a recent team etc. road tripdemonstrated. Curious country we live in) .

    1 Le a v e a t w o - s e c o n d g a p b e t w e e n

    y o u a n d t h e c a r i n f r o n t

    2 W h e n c h a n g i n g l a n e s , l o o k q u i c k l y

    o v e r y o u r r i g h t s h o u l d e r t o c h e c k

    y o u r b l i n d s p o t .3 M a k e s u r e y o u s t o p e v e r y 1 0 0 m i l e s

    o r t w o h o u r s , t o s t r e t c h & r e l a x .

  • 8/9/2019 Etc Spreads


    MOUSSE T RIGHT ABOUT NOW Like having the car and the keys, but nolicense, Mr Ts album is a vexing affair.Opening 60s groovy guitar pop homageUnderground is cool, but a lot of the time hisstubborn experimentation just feels strained -soul numbers like Sex has gone or acousticcountry bounce Music makes me fly justrun out of ideas after a minute; and dontcall a track Monotony and make it a rubbishMichael Jackson waxwork, mate... The manis great, however, at dirty disco and sleazepop - Bounce in particular is a cheeky littlenumber - and all tracks with Is it cos Im coolvocalist Emma Landford are ace and slinky,but my, my, my, we wish hed stick to it.Although the album closers good, too...gah!Frustrating as hell.

    HOMELIFEGURU MAN HUBCAP LADY Weve listened to this album dozens of times,discussed it round and round in circles, andso far were sure of only one thing: its acorker. Genre-judgments can be tricky at thebest of times, and this weird collection of

    jazz-dance-acid-funk-samba-afro-discoworld-psychedelia defi es any pigeonhole you tryto fi nd for it. But the CDs a much easierlisten than that makes it sound. Put togetherby a Manchester/global collective on thegodlike Ninja Tune label, theres a casualgenius underlying its eclecticism that meansthe hooks catch and the beats hit home. Itsinteresting, relaxed musical brainfood thatbecomes addictive in the most satisfying kindof way. If you want to know what its actuallylike, though, youll just have to buy it.

    DJ ZEPH SUNSET SCAVENGERIf you can play these tunes without nodding yourhead, youre probably in a neck collar suffering

    from whiplash. A brilliant producer and DJ from San Francisco, Zeph has stretched hismany talents to the limits to bring out thissuperb collection of beats, taking in everything

    from old school hip hop and Indian tabla toShadow-esque electronica and thumpingWest Coast funk. The albums a tasty mix ofexpertly-ripped samples, seamless programming,sickeningly good scratching and nicelyblended live instruments, with some greatguest appearances showcasing the breadth ofZephs collaborative powers.

    Sexy flesh on solid bones, this is one for pros andamateurs alike to enjoy. between seductionand a nice massage. Then you plunge intotrippy distortion and rippling melodiesDignity , moments of ambient calm shatteredby downright overdriven indie insolenceJealousy ...youve lucked out. Its the albumDeath in Vegas should have made after theContino Sessions, but didnt, and you shouldown it immediately.

    SHUGAAZERSHIFT Heres fun: I feel down when Im trapped in,

    lackin / scrappin all night doesnt do us any,wrapped in / plastic feels fantastic now / and I

    like that way / she said get the hell out is a mat / that lies on your doorway . Those are someShugaazer lyrics. Theyve set them to somequite ordinary emo guitar stuff. They need tobe quiet. Some people in the etc. lounge quitelike them, but they need to be quiet as well.There, hows that for democracy?

    ESTELLETHE 18TH DAY To etc.s delight, Estelle takes a different stance to a lot of black,urban music: its not about misery in the ghetto and a life ofcartoon violence and excess ( I give a f*ck about your bling she spits on the Missy-esque Dance Bitch , its just life. 1980s slick groove sets the tone, then we wander through her worldof love, pain and hope, told through disco, tough rap, smoothRnB and even Gospel tints. Shes Retro, yes, but paradoxicallycutting edge with her beats and samples; there may be alittle too much Smoove polish here sometimes, but basicallyno-ones making hip-hop like this at the moment, and shedeserves your attention.

    THE BARBS LUPINE PEROXIDE As the title suggests, this is a feral punk dawg riot of analbum, and by god we love it. The fact that joint frontpeople Tim and Amy are clearly as mad as a fox ina bun definitely helps, as they yelp and sneer aboutaliens, really dead dolls and alien abduction; but itsenergetic, funny, furious, and basically like a night outgetting smashed on vodka with your bestest mateswhen you really shouldnt. Brilliant!

    MEISTER MEISTERPsychedelic dark swirly heaven! Beautiful swirlingelectro opener Be Love buzzes and rubs itselfagainst you before ruffl ing your hair with lovely

    warm guitars, somewhere between seductionand a nice massage. Then you plunge into trippydistortion and rippling melodies Dignity ,moments of ambient calm shattered by downrightoverdriven indie insolence Jealousy ...youvelucked out. Its the album Death in Vegas shouldhave made after the Contino Sessions, but didnt,and you should own it immediately.

    GROOVE ARMADAGROOVE ARMADABlimey, theyve had a varied time of it, and its allhere on one shiny disc. Sure, theyre not dragginga whetstone along the vicious edge of dancemusic, but etc. couldnt care less when you canwhack the devil-mashed Purple Haze on at fullvolume, wig out to Superstylins raggaman vibrations,shake that ass grandma funk style or twist and shoutto If everybody looked the same. A couple of tracksare dubious inclusions and But I Feel Good rambleson farrrrrr to much, but this lot made the delicious AtThe River , smoochy horns and all, so we can forgivethem anything. Groovy, baby. (right, we need to getout more.)

  • 8/9/2019 Etc Spreads


    THIRTEEN SENSES ALBUM OF THE AUTUMNThe Invitation Youve no idea how long wewaited to hear this record, and The Invitationdidnt disappoint, firmly securing its place inour internal soundtrack for the foreseeable future and Thirteen Senses position as our

    new favourite band. Why? How long haveyou got... Haunting Into the Fire starts thingsgently, winding pianos up into a euphoricwidescreen chorus, before Thru the Glass

    kicks in with muscular guitars against WillSouths frail vocals and its an involuntaryeyes closed and drift moment, putting