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  • Jakub Krzych Co-Founder & CEO Estimote, Inc. [email protected] Estimote, Inc. 340 S Lemon Ave #1312 Walnut, California 91789 United States Estimote Polska Sp. z o.o. Berka Joselewicz 21 31-358 Krakw, Poland European Union
  • Smartphones dumb They can connect to the server on the other side of the world, but ihave no idea you are in the kitchen.
  • How it is solved now? Too much friction! NFC QR Codes RFID
  • It should just work automagically
  • Solution = wireless beacons
  • Our iBeacon-compatible mote bluetooth 4.0 low energy ARM Cortex M0 processor accelerometer adhesive nanomaterial waterproofed silicon case 2+ years coin battery patent pending
  • Apple iBeacon = native support All major phone companies announced full native support
  • Micro-location and context We build wireless sensor network and a digital platform on top of it to deliver micro-location and context to phone and smart devices. proximity marketing product engagement in-store analytics
  • API and the ecosystem growth We are focused on retail, but thanks to our API we have enabled other industries to pre-order our beacons and build on top of our API. Check- in coupons Indoor location Contactless payment Proximity marketing
  • Estimote Demo apps & SDK
  • Jakub and Lukas, We built a demo app leveraging your Dev Kit. We're thrilled with the results! Nathan , CEO Largest US retail indoor navigation company
  • The team in Mountain View and Krakw From the left: CTO, Industrial Designer, Office Manager, New Business, CEO, Project Manager, UI Designer, Embedded System Engineer, Brand Designer, Low-energy Engineer, iOS Developer, UX Designer.
  • People who are really serious about software make their own hardware /Alan Kay/ Jakub Krzych Co-Founder & CEO Estimote, Inc. [email protected] Thank you!