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  • Workroom Manual



  • We are delighted to welcome you to the NEW 2012 BloomNet Workroom Manual expressions of flowerstm- essentials.

    This Workroom Manual contains over 250 arrangements for holiday, everyday, roses, plants, tributes, and gift & gourmet to

    help build your retail sales and wire order volume through out the BloomNet network.

    The expressions of flowers essentials collection was created with you, the traditional retail flower shop in mind, and offers a wide

    variety of merchandising opportunities for both holidays and everyday occasions. Each arrangement in the expressions

    of flowers essentials collection can be recreated with ease to assist your designers and ensure customer satisfaction.

    Whats more, our expert design team utilized the most readily available fresh floral varieties and affordable containers,

    available through either Napco or your local wholesaler, to support the profitability of all BloomNet Florists!

    Recipes & Pricing

    Each arrangement contains an accurate color image, specific floral arrangement components and quantities in reference to

    construction materials needed to assist you in recreating each arrangement with ease. Pricing Instructions for calculating

    Suggested Retail Prices using industry standards & best practices is located on the back inside cover of this Workroom Manual.

    Hard Goods

    The back section of this Workroom Manual contains a detailed Hard Good Gallery with wholesale product information and the

    arrangement codes that each container is used to fulfill. To help support for your bottom line, Napco is offering all BloomNet

    Florists 10% Off* purchases for Napco products featured in the Essentials Collection! Visit & enter

    Promo Code ESSENTIALS at check out. (*Offer not available for pallet shipping and cannot be combined with other promotions. Prices and charges are subject to change without notice. Offer valid until 12/31/12. Void where prohibited).

    To apply your Napco purchases to your BloomNet Clearinghouse statement, simply email your Napco Order Confirmation



    For your convenience, visit for an electronic version of the following expressions of flowers essentials

    tools under the Utilities Tab on BloomLink:

    Workroom Manual containing detailed recipe instructions and hard good details.

    Product Detail Summary a simple to use Excel spreadsheet containing the arrangement product codes, names, dimensions, Suggested Retail Prices (SRP) and website product copy descriptions.

    Image Gallery complete catalog of the expressions of flowers essentials images to use for your website and marketing campaigns!

    Florist Quality Care Program

    Be sure to review the BloomNet Florist Quality Care Program Manual with your staff which includes standards and guidelines

    for Sending & Receiving wire orders, as well as useful information for Care & Handling. Please remember to always follow

    industry best practices and recommendations for pricing and care & handling.

    From all of us at BloomNet, we hope you enjoy the NEW expressions of flowers essentials collection and wish you

    continued success in building your florist to florist business through the BloomNet Network. Should you have any questions,

    please contact BloomNet Customer Service at 1-800-BloomNet (1-800-256-6663).


  • BF1-11K PromiseOfSpring 1

    BF2-11K SunnyAndBright 1

    BF3-11K ThinkingOfYou 2

    BF4-11K YoureTheBest! 2

    BF5-11K IrisMedley 3

    BF6-11K OhHappyDay! 3

    BF7-11K CelebrateTheDay 4

    BF8-11K BirthdayBrilliance 4

    BF9-11K HappyBirthdayGarden 5

    BF10-11K SpiceOfLife 5

    BF11-11K PurplePassion 6

    BF12-11K Tea&Roses 6

    BF13-11K FieldsOfSunshine 7

    BF14-11K ClassicJoy 7

    BF15-11K ContemporaryExpressions 8

    BF16-11K RichNRosy 8

    BF17-11K GerberaParty 9

    BF18-11K SunnyGardenBrilliance 9

    BF19-11K EuropeanGarden 10

    BF20-11K YoureInMyHeart 10

    BF21-11K MothersDayGarden 11

    BF22-11K LetTheSunshineIn 11

    BF23-11K JoyfulBlooms 12

    BF24-11K BloomingGlory 12

    BF25-11K BloomsOfBeauty 13

    BF26-11K AndManyMore! 13

    BF27-11K WarmestWishes 14

    BF28-11K GardenOfLavenderLove 14

    BF29-11K ForeverWellWishes 15

    BF30-11K DaisyDelight 15

    BF31-11K ADayInTheSun 16

    BF32-11K SerenityGarden 16

    BF33-11K GardenBrilliance 17

    BF34-11K PastelWishes 17

    BF35-11K CountrySunshine 18

    BF36-11K Upsy-Daisy! 18

    BF37-11K CherishedMoments 19

    BF38-11K GreetingTheDay 19

    BF39-11K SweetestHoney 20

    BF40-11K GentleWishes 20

    BF41-11K FeelinGood 21

    BF42-11K SunshineGarden 21

    BF43-11KM BlushingLove 22

    Arrangement Arrangement PageProductCode Name Number

    Arrangement Arrangement PageProductCode Name Number

    BF44-11KM MagicalMoments 22

    BF45-11KS/L/D OpulentOrchids 23

    BF47-11KS/M/L Plants-A-Plenty 23

    BF48-11KS/M BountifulEuropeanDishGarden 24

    BF48-11KL/LL BountifulEuropeanDishGarden 24

    BF49-11KS/M/L ClassicPeaceLily 25

    BF50-11KS ClassicJoy 25

    BF51-11KS CitrusSurprise 26

    BF52-11KM EuropeanGardenBouquetForSpring 26

    BF53-11KS/M/L Today&Everyday 27

    BF54-11KM AMothersLove 27

    BF56-11KM BloomsABounty 28

    BF57-11KS PerfectlyPink 28

    BF59-11KM Harmony,Serenity&Style 29

    BF60-11KM AutumnSurprise 29

    BF61-11KM AutumnEuropeanGarden 30

    BF62-11KM AutumnSpiceofLife 30

    BF63-11KM AllOrangeForYou 31

    BF64-11KM AutumnEuropeanGardenBouquet 31

    BF66-11KM WinterEuropeanGardenBouquet 32

    BF67-11KM HolidayGreetings 32

    BF68-11KM HolidayHappiness 33

    BF69-11KM Naughty&NiceBouquet 33

    BF70-11KM EuropeanGardenBouquetFor

    Holiday 34

    BF72-11KM SweetestLoveBouquet 34

    BF73-11KM ThreesACharmBouquet 35

    BF74-11KM ABushel&APeckBouquet 35

    BF75-11KM IHeartUBouquet 36

    BF76-11KM Hugs&KissesBouquet 36

    BF77-11KM ALittleBitOfLuckBouquet 37

    BF78-11KM PastelWishes 37

    BF79-11KM HaveAGoodDayBouquet 38

    BF80-11K Lily&IrisSurprise 38

    BF81-11K HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs 39

    BF82-11KS/M/L EuropeanGardenBouquet 39

    BF84-11KS/M/L PinkPetalsBouquet 40

    BF85-11KS/M/L ItsABeautifulDayBouquet 40

    BF86-11KS/M/L LovelyLily&RoseBouquet-

    AllWhite 41

    BF87-11KS/M/L Sunny&SmilingBouquet 41

    BF88-11KS/M/L ClassicRoseBouquetInAPitcher 42

    BF89-11KS/M/L EuropeanRomanceBouquet 42


  • BF90-11KS/M/L LovelyLily&RoseCelebration

    Bouquet 43

    BF91-11KS/M/L FreshFallDaisyBasket 43

    BF92-11KM/ED AutumnCelebrationBouquet

    InAPitcher 44

    BF93-11KS/M/L LovelyLily&RoseBouquetForFall 44

    BF94-11KS/L EuropeanGardenBouquetForFall 45

    BF95-11KM AutumnSophisitication 45

    BF96-11KM AutumnCelebrationCornucopia 46

    BF97-11KS/M/L LovelyLily&RoseCubeForHoliday 46

    BF98-11KM HolidaySurprise 47

    BF99-11KM ChristmasTraditionCenterpiece 47

    BF100-11KM WinterSolsticeCenterpiece 48

    BF101-11KM HolidayHappinessBasket 48

    BF102-11KS/M/L HolidayLily&Roses 49

    BF103-11KM LovelyLily&PinkRoseCube 49

    BF104-11KS/M/L MyRosyValentine 50

    BF104-11KSP/MP/LP MyRosyValentine 50

    BF105-11KM 8Oz.BoxOfAssortedChocolates 51

    BF106-11KM AddOnBear 51

    BF107-11KS/M/L PinkDelightBouquet 52

    BF108-11KM BearingMyHeart 52

    BF109-11KM BasketOfLove 53

    BF110-11KM ElegantRoseWishes 53

    BF111-11KM Ever-BuddingRomance 54

    BF112-11KS/L/BV ClassicBudVaseRoses 54

    BF113-11KS/M/L Multi-ColorTulipBouquet 55

    BF114-11KS/M/L EleganceBouquet 55

    BF115-11KS/M/L LovelyLavenderBouquet 56

    BF116-11KS/M/L YoureInMyHeart 56

    BF117-11KL BloomsABeauty 57

    BF118-11KS/M ContemporaryCarnationsBudVase 57

    BF119-11KS/M/L AFewOfMyFavoriteThingsBasket 58

    BF120-11KS/M/L RoseGardenBouquet 58

    BF121-11KM SpringFling 59

    BF123-11KM BrillianceBouquet 59

    BF126-11KS/L BountifulImpressions 60

    BF127-11KM LovelyLily&RoseRomanceCube 60

    BF128-11KS/M/L EuropeanGardenForMom 61

    BF129-11KS/M/L EnchantingMomentsBouquet 61

    BF130-11KS/M/L PinkRose&LilyCubeBouquet 62

    BF132-11KM ClassicMulti-ColoredRoses

    InAPitcher 62

    BF133-11KM PinkPetalsBouquetInAPitcher 63

    BF133-11KMC PinkPetalsBouquet 63

    BF134-11KM EverydayEleganceBouquet-Green 64

    BF134-11KMPK EverydayEleganceBouquet-Pink 64

    BF135-11KM MyMomsGarden 65

    BF136-11KM ClassicEasterCenterpiece 65

    BF137-11KM DaisyADayEasterBasket 66

    BF138-11KM GerberaWishes 66

    BF139-11KS/M/L MothersDayRoseGarden 67

    BF140-11KM SoftSojourn 67

    BF141-11KM GreetingTheDay! 68

    BF142-11KM RubyArray 68

    BF143-11KM PreciousPinkBouquet 69

    BF144-11KM SimpleSophisticatedBouquet 69

    BF145-11KM MyCupRunnethOver 70

    BF145-11KMD MyCupRunnethOverForMom 70

    BF146-11KM MyDadsGarden 71

    BF147-11KM Sunny&BrightWishes 71

    BF147-11KMJB Sunny&BrightJustBecause 72

    BF147-11KMGW Sunny&BrightGetWellWishes 72

    BF147-11KMAD Sunny&BrightAdministrative

    ProfessionalsDay 73

    BF147-11KMHB Sunny&BrightBirthdayWishes 73

    BF147-11KMBUHB CuddleUp&Celebrate 74

    BF147-11KMBUGW CuddleUp&GetWell 74

    BF151-11KM SunriseInTheTropics 75

    BF152-11KM PinkMiniRosePlantForMom 75

    BF153-11KM AbundantAzalea 76

    BF154-11KM PinkHydrangeaPlant 76

    BF155-11KM VibrantViolets 77

    BF156-11KM OpulentOrchidForMom 77