Essentials of Developing Windows Phone Apps

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Essentials of Developing Windows Phone Apps. Chinthaka Dissanayake Tech Lead Exilesoft. Is it difficult to become a WP Developer??. Runtime APIs. Web Developers. Windows Developers. One Windows for All. Shared Dev registration Shared Entitlement. Core Platform. Development Platform. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Essentials of Developing Windows Phone AppsChinthaka DissanayakeTech Lead Exilesoft 1Is it difficult to become a WP Developer??Web DevelopersWindows Developers

Runtime APIs

2One Windows for All

Development Platform

Core Platform90%+More skillset ReuseMore code reuseMore seamless app experiences

Shared Dev registrationShared Entitlement

Proximity and Location FrameworksSecurity and IdentityTask Scheduler

3Windows Developer PlatformWinJS(HTML + JS)Windows XAML (C#/VB/C++)Windows Phone Silverlight (C#/VB)DirectX (C++)Windows Runtime (WinRT).NET CLRNavigationPackagingContractsBackgroundApp ModelServicesStorePushRoamingApp Data BackupWindows KernelGraphicsAudioMediaCommerceNetworkingFile SystemInputSensorsWindows Runtime API Set4Getting Windows Phone 8.1New Devices sold into market from July 2014 will have Windows Phone 8.1 pre-installedAll devices running Windows Phone 8.0 are capable of being upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1Availability of upgrades for devices is under the control of the Mobile OperatorRegistered developers can upgrade their phone through the Preview for Developers Programhttp://dev.windowsphone.comhttp://appstudio.windowsphone.com PC requirementsSupported Operating SystemsWindows 8.1 (X86 or X64)Hardware4GB of Disk Space1.5GB of RAM64 bit MotherboardTo use Windows Phone EmulatorsWindows 8.1 Pro or Higher (for Hyper-V)Second Level Address TranslationMin 4GB RAM

6Development Choices7Design PrinciplesContent, NOT ChromeAlive and in MotionClean, Light, Open and FastCelebrate TypographyWindows 8 UI Guidelines for Model-View-ViewModelArchitectural Pattern that employs Data binding and strict Separation of ConcernsSee : Develop a Real App

10How data binding Works