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    make them feel specialGeneric mass-emails go straight

    to the trash. Stand out fromcompetitors by acknowledging their

    background or skillset.

    products matterBeyond compensation, software

    engineers are attracted to innovativetechnology, services or products.Make sure yours are appealing.

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    2016 Glassdoor

    Source: 1Glassdoor survey conducted between Feb. 12 and Feb. 19, 2014. Results basedon answers provided by 1,400+ software engineers identified as being employed full-time.

    transparency is No.181% value when a recruiter

    is upfront about the pros and consof a job or company.1

    offer opportunities for growth76% would leave their current

    employer for a companythat offered more career mobility.1

    online job boards71% of software engineers hearabout job opportunities on onlinejob boards (including Glassdoor).1



    money isnt everything52% would likely to accept

    less money to work at acompany with a great culture.1


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    25% say they plan to look for newwork in the next 3 months.1

    know when they are most likely to jump ship

    respond to reviews97% read company

    reviews before acceptinga job offer.1

    65% say social media outreach from other software engineersat the hiring company is an effective way to learn about open positions.1

    get social

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    make it personalInstead of blindly reaching

    out on LinkedIn, try a first touchvia a personal blog.