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    utilize brand ambassadors86% are more likely to

    apply to a company/hospitalthat a friend recommends.1

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    put people rst56% are likely to accept less money

    to work at a company/hospitalthat values people above all else.1

    offer opportunities for growth62% would leave their currentemployer for a company thatoffered more career mobility.1

    know when theyre looking64% of healthcare

    professionals plan to look fora job in the next year.1




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    25% say they plan to look for newwork in the next 3 months.1

    transparency is No. 170% value when a recruiter is

    upfront about the pros and consof different companies/hospitals.1

    know when they are most likely to jump ship

    respond to reviews94% say they read reviews

    before accepting a job offer.1

    43% say social media outreach from other healthcare professionalsat the hiring company is an effective way to learn about open positions.1

    get social

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    management counts42% would leave their jobs

    because of poor relationshipswith management.1

    competitive compensation75% would leave their jobsfor better compensation.1

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    2016 Glassdoor

    Source: 1Glassdoor survey conducted between April 9 and May 19, 2014.Results based on answers provided by nearly 500 healthcare professionals.